Lifx Bulbs NOW w/ Apple HomeKit + Siri

24 Replies to “Lifx Bulbs NOW w/ Apple HomeKit + Siri”

  1. FunArt

    If Lifx light is on my home wifi network and my iPhone is on mobile network, can Siri still be able to manage Lifx light ?
    Or do I need an Apple TV also for above case?
    Please reply..

  2. viperfour

    What is that little Rubik's cube like light base for the Lifx light that you are using at 1:57?  That would be a perfect addition to my setup.  I need something small like that for my bulb.  Where can I get one?  Thanks!  🙂

  3. Clementine

    Thank you! Your channel is honestly amazing & so helpful. Snagged the bluetooth stand up desk & the white top for it as you recommended. Funny seeing you pop up as the top review on Amazon for a bunch of these products. So hyped to integrate some of this smart tech into my new apartment. Looking forward to your inevitable review of the new Lifx Tile & Beam. Interested to see how they compare to the Nanoleaf tiles. Thanks again & congrats on the cool channel Amanda!

  4. Dhananjay Pawar

    Great video for beginners like me?btw i am thinking to go with lifx bulbs and led strips but in majority of reviews i have seen that customers are complaining about the connectivity problems with lifx bulbs. So have you ever faced this type of issues with your lifx bulbs??

  5. Marvin Francis

    This is great Amanda, but my major issue is that HomeKit constantly loses connection to the bulbs. I know it’s a HomeKit issue because the LIFX app still shows a connection to the bulb. I have to toggle the lights off/on to get the connection back to HomeKit. Very annoying.

  6. Chris Salas

    When I watch videos on LifX bulbs, they usually look kind of dim – like they were made to just be accents. Would you recommend them to be replacements for main bulbs, to light your entire room?

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