LG's new robotic assistant Cloi uses AI to make your home smarter

LG shows how its appliances are getting smarter at CES 2018 using its new AI platform ThinQ and its robotic voice assistant Cloi. But the little bot got stage fright and didn’t work according to plan at one point.

The silence of LG’s CLOi robot at CES is deafening:

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44 Replies to “LG's new robotic assistant Cloi uses AI to make your home smarter”

  1. Caleb Hawn

    Lol nope, that voice would get old soon, and very annoying. It's just another AI, but with an annoying voice. Also, how hard is it to just press an on button on an air purifier? I'd think it'd be faster than using a voice command, and then waiting a few seconds to see if it heard me correctly. Compare that to pressing a button, which takes less than a second. Just sayion'.

  2. lipadier

    Pseudo-cutsie face = fail by default. – If ever I want my robot to be as un-personal looking as possible, a simple box or a bar is fine, BUT NOT LIKE A CREEPY STUPID KIDDY TOY!

  3. Shane Mc Grath

    Until a robot can wash the dishes, Mow the lawn, Do the washing then I am not interested in personal assistant crap that 99% of the population doesn't need, And smart houses are just asking to be hacked, making you and your family even more vulnerable to this BS "service" based economy.

    P.S. In before you, yes I already know the old joke of don't need a robot if you have a wife/husband, Smarty pants!

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