LG WING ft. King of Unboxing

Introducing the LG WING – a phone that opens the door to new and different ways of doing the familiar.

The LG WING is a phone designed to ultimately change the game for doing everything you’re already used to, enriching the everyday user experience no matter where you are or what you do.

Pursue better – and take flight to new spaces.

Experience LG WING through virtual unboxing:

Learn more about LG’s new devices at:

30 Replies to “LG WING ft. King of Unboxing”

  1. karthik kandrekula

    LG, please comeback to mobile manufacturing world😭😭😭😭😭❤️ you are the one who shines out of all the dumb, routine,common mobile manufacturing world. Please comeback with some fare price ranges

  2. jas zg

    I can't stand LG company.I will never forget when I bought their dvd player.They didn't even put a usb connection in him.And in that time you could buy another dvd with all connections for the same price.I was so unhappy..Disgustung cheap brand…


    🤔🤔 !! HHmm, Fuckin danger company and tmobile company should have fuckin done pulled this type of duel mobile screens back in 2000s sidekick era legitmately (fuckin specificly after danger and tmobile made the sidekick lx in fuckin 2009 era) 🤨😒 .. ..

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