[LG WebOS TV] – Magic Remote not working in your LG TV

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Checkout to know how to troubleshoot Magic Remote not working in your LG TV

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44 Replies to “[LG WebOS TV] – Magic Remote not working in your LG TV”

  1. Mukesh Storge

    when i click home button it increases the volume and back button opens the menu. Coz of this malfunction i m not able to disconnect my remote. Pls assist me. Note: one in a moon time its working then again buttons are malfunctioning.

  2. Hossam Dream

    When i'm trying to give my tv voice order's . the tv gave me msg , you must go to wifi Connection first , is that normal to give an voice commands , should i turn the wifi connection on first before i give my lg tv an voice command's ?? is that normal or that is such a problem in my tv setting even in software or hardware ??

  3. creanga mihai

    Lg c9 ,i can t pair my remote with the tv,all the time appears a mesage to pair again. 2600 euro for this crap…also lost connection with headphones wireless if u stay more that 2.5 meters from tv :))) cheap remote control

  4. Muhammad Rifqi

    At first i had problems with the power button not working, so i tried unpairing the remote. It works. But then when i want to pair it with the tv, it doesn't work. Whenever i press any button on the remote, the power button light turns on. I pressed the scroll wheel and it also didn't work.
    I don't know if its the batteries or the remote itself.
    Please Help.

  5. Chris L

    End of 2019 LG Nanocell,
    Remote AN-MR19BA
    Power button hardly works, close to newer :/, new batteries Energizer, trying reset etc.
    Location, Ireland
    Edit: All other buttons working perfectly.

  6. Tomica Crash

    bought this B8 Oled and its only 7 months, remote ok button and some buttons won't work. Did all test searched Online but still wont work, went to a service center and ask for a warranty since its only seven months but to hell i will hear that remote is out of warranty? what a waste LG, you make unreliable remote so you can make money out of it?

  7. Tom Buijs

    My magic remote doesn't register with my TV. I've got the 650 model remote and 43um6450pla tv.
    When I press the wheel it tries to register but then says the remote is not supported by this tv.
    Tried to hold the "home" and "back" button to unregister the device but this does not seem to do anything.
    The buttons are not faulty since both of the work separately to open the home menu and close it.

    Please help… 😑

  8. Baba

    Just bought LG C9 yesterday and today voice search is not working and says' Didnt hear anything'. Can someone help. By the way yesterday it was working fine.

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