LG webOS 4.0 tips and tricks on OLED55C8 UHD OLED TV

LG webOS 4.0 tips and tricks demonstrated on OLED55C8V TV. I show menus, apps, thinQ AI, Bluetooth etc.

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34 Replies to “LG webOS 4.0 tips and tricks on OLED55C8 UHD OLED TV”

  1. Adil Malik

    Spent around $1000 and got WebOS TV. WebOS is so short of useful apps. The games available on the LG Content store are worst than the old school Atari games. I don't know why LG and Samsung are going for their own OS instead of using Android TV OS. Android Play Store is already full of useful apps and the user will have millions of apps to chose from.

    Using their own OS might be good for the brand in the long run, but it's a big loss for the customers. The customers spend thousands of dollars to become their beta-testers.

  2. Norman Parke

    Thanks Darko , your advice confirms my findings, I didn,t want to go the way of a box, but it looks like I have no option ?
    I have a 3gb 32 gb MX96 pro android box but not sure how to set it up correctly, do you have any links you could point me to ! , as it,s a 4K tv I would love to set it up properly, I appreciate your help, thanks a lot,

  3. Norman Parke

    Hi, thank you for all your wonderful videos, they make it all a bit simpler for this senior.
    I have just acquired this LG model and am trying to instal Kodi but am being told that it dosn,t support fil downloading

  4. Vanfire Official

    I just bought the B8 model yesterday and a little bit worried about the screen burn issues. Any tips about these? Although they mentioned on their site that they already addressed these issues by adding these features: Screen Saver Option, Clear Panel Noise, Screen Shift and the Logo Luminance Adjustment.

    Not so sure if these issues still exists in today's 2018 model. Thank You!

  5. Daniel Urgei

    Great video…please a simple question. I want to buy LG but I search every where in specifications in internet for extended memory but not answer….so how much GB on external memory ssd supported? Thanks

  6. Mpamphs Kangourosaurous

    U are the only one replying, that's why I will ask u. Just bought C8 to and I use Technicolor profiler as the best for me , but there is a problem the default OLED backlight is 25 . On all of my TVs I always use Light sensor so depending the light change the oled backlight, So using Energy to AUTO it goes the OLED backlight way to low . I have tried to disable energy saver and put Technicolor oled backlight to 100 , save it and go back open Energy saver to auto . That helps a little bit but again the sensor puts the oled way to low for my taste. Is there any option like Samsung TVS to put minimum oled backlight on ambilight sensor ? THANKS and sory for the long post.

  7. Umut Numanoglu

    Not sure if you want to show this TV as something better than it is but I've the same TV and would recommend it to no one.
    1. It has WebOS, it means the amount of app are limited and the apps it already has are missing some features (like youtube app can't control speaker volume, android tvs can do it)
    2. Standard browser is the only way to surf but it doesn't have plug-ins or add-ons like ad-blocker
    3. Browser also doesn't support JS which is a big disadvantage as about 90% of web uses some kind of JS technology
    4. There is no way to use it for multimedia apps, it 'notifies' me every time I start my TV that it is has no input, while I only want to use it for streams
    5. There is also no way to automatically start an app as default, instead of an HDMI channel
    6. There is no KODI or something similar.
    7. The OS can sometimes be very slow as going going to next video in youtube can take up to 5 seconds
    8. MOST important point is that internet connection is sometimes cut off without any reason, I've my PC and phone in the same room and only TV doesn't get any connection even restart doesn't help, I need to clear cache or play with regional informations (It seems like it is a known bug)
    There were also no updates until now.

  8. Faiyaz Amit

    Bought the 55 inch C8 finally and absolutely love it! Is there any way to get rid of the no signal messages in front of the screensavers on live TV or unconnected HDMI ports? I don't have any Antennas plugged in, but I would like to see the pictures without the Not programmed or No Signal message.

  9. Andrew Bluman

    Im having trouble connecting my LG TV Plus app on my Android phone to my LG sk9000pua. I've made sure both are connecting on the same wi-fi and I've reset everything multiple times. Is there any other fix?

  10. BVB BVB

    I bought this tv and they wanted 300$ to calibrate it for me after a 100 hours of use. i thought there must be a video on youtube on how to do it. thank you Darko

  11. Ivica Barać

    So, just like i thought it would be, it's smarter than me. When i say "What's the weather outside?" thinkQ keeps giving me options Youtube and Internet, it wont automatically give a forecast. Why? And can Live TV be iTV/HDMI or not?

  12. Terry Walsh

    I have replied to your private email address, as you requested. However, you have replied, nor refunded my money as I requested you to…..what is going on?
    I shall continue to post comments until you reply to me. Maybe others will not buy your products as a result of this.

  13. Pinoy Techdad

    Hey darko, here in asia, we dont have the google assistant. Just the ThinQ AI. Do you think the Assistant can be added via firmware update? Im disappointed with the absence of google assistant. I have very limited commands available.

  14. Mels Huijbers

    Hello We have some trouble with the App Photo & Video, our WebOs is 4.70.85. We can play some video from our Nas-server (Video folder), but when we delete them (via the computer) we still see them in de Photo & Video app. Do you know this ??

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