LG WebOS 2.0 2015 Smart TV System Review

LG changed the game last year with their WebOS powered Smart+ system, so what can they do for an encore in 2015?
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31 Replies to “LG WebOS 2.0 2015 Smart TV System Review”

  1. theo springer

    Thing I hate about web os is no Google play store, you can only download what LG want you to have, their store is rubbish, I hate being told what I can have and can't have, where's the freedom of choice?????

  2. Kevin Ingram

    I bought this TV and a few months later webOs 3 came out. LG dropped updates for my TV straight after. New Tv's have all the catch up app but my TV has been abandoned. Android OS next for me since LG drops support for old models as soon as next year model comes out.

  3. RAZRfreak

    How much RAM do the new TV's have? And more importantly, does the webOS 2.0 TV still run out of memory just like the previous models? Also is using the smart TV browser still really slow like the previous models?

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