LG Velvet hands-on: a fun dual-screen phone that’s not entirely gimmicky

LG is betting on a new smartphone strategy, starting with the mid-range Velvet which comes with a refreshing look, some flagship qualities and an optional Dual Screen case. Engadget’s Richard Lai gives this 5G phone a quick test drive.

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36 Replies to “LG Velvet hands-on: a fun dual-screen phone that’s not entirely gimmicky”

  1. O GZL

    I am a big fun of Life is Great! or LG I think a new phone for me is in order.. as LG is sweetened the deal with a $200 visa gift card and wireless. headphones.

  2. BTSfan35 ONCElife

    Lg keeping headphone jack every time, I love lg 4 that reason. How many flagship phones do that? (I know Sony does it xperia 1 II) & that beautiful dual screen usage on velvet, nice🤙 good taste btw dude with THAT netflix show on the phone, I like very much that F is for family show, my favourite on netflix. I guess if you pick the red lg phone, you will have Red Velvet…

  3. Lifegoson 1

    It funny how this people always have different reviews for lg phone some say the performance is lag free some say different i don't believe these big reviewers and u can tell that the guy that always review phone isn't doing it why because he doesn't like lg

  4. Ken Z

    BEFORE YOU BUY: As someone whose used LG before, i gotta pass. LGs software has always been unreliable, buggy, and straight up sluggish for me. One of the big reasons why people make the argument that LG is better than other products is its rugged features but that couldnt be even more false. Ive had to send back my LGG6 more than 3 times just to fix the finger print reader. Its a cool gimmick that its dual screen, but longevity and value is something that reviewers that get new phones every month just can’t seem to get right.

  5. Matymus The Awesomous

    the dual screen case for me has always seemed like a gimmick in general. and it makes the whole thing too bulky to carry around. I don't want a phone that folds up into a regular sized phone from a dual screen setup. I want a regular sized phone that folds up into a much more compact size like the Razr or hell even the Galaxy Fold Z. But i'm waiting on that for when they become much much more affordable because as cool as these kind of phones are, they aren't worth the entrance fee simply because these are early days for these phones making us the early adopters just a beta tester for a device that we pay for to have that priviledge, this isn't like the old days of beta testing a video game where you just apply for the testing registration and BAM you get into the beta, these are 1500+$ smart phones so yeah, i'm waiting. Patiently. Until such a time that they become more affordable and reliable, MOTOROLA, GIMME BACK MY MOTO X 2013 EDITION IN AN UPDATED STATE! PLEASE!

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