LG V60 vs Galaxy S20 Plus Camera Comparison Test

Instead of doing a LG V60 vs Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera comparison I decided to do a LG V60 vs Galaxy S20 Plus Camera Comparison test instead since it makes more sense price and specs wise. The LG V60 vs Galaxy S20 Camera Test should have the same results so this video should be fine for either purchase. The LG V60 ThinQ vs Galaxy S20 is the comparison of the year since these two always go head to head but if you want to see a LG V60 Thinq vs Galaxy S20 Ultra full camera comparison let me know and I will make that happen. For more LG V60 camera tests and a full LG V60 camera review subscribe to the channel. Who won this camera battle Galaxy S20 vs LG V60?

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41 Replies to “LG V60 vs Galaxy S20 Plus Camera Comparison Test”

  1. stranger danger

    I've had the V60 for awhile and it's definitely going down as one of the best of 2020. I also just purchased the BTS S20+ edition. I've not yet had a chance to fight it out between the 2. I do feel the speakers sound better on the LG.

  2. Wai seong Yin

    I have been using LG v40 for 1.5 years, that's my first android phone after iPhone.
    I have no regret buying this phone and it still works extremely fast.
    I may not support Samsung as I always have doubt in their quality issue…

  3. Denise Gevs

    I just bought the s20+ yesterday and I'm reeeeally enjoying it!! Considering how I upgraded from a samsung A7(2016) 😂 the 120hz is soooooo satisfying and the cameras are awesome!! btw, great vid danny! u really helped a lot with ur videos! I ended up with a phone I really enjoy!! 🤩 stay safe everybody!

  4. 3MAR00SS

    if the s20+ gets a 100 I'd give the V60 an 89
    and a whole phone, if the s20+ gets 100 I give the V60 95 the problem is the relatively weak screen on the LG but for the headphone jack, it deserves it (๑¯◡¯๑)

  5. Christian D Shatto

    I think you live here in Orlando,( well I do, & we're annual pass holders) 😁- I have been using iOS for 11 + years. Last week I switched to the LG v60 simply for the quad DAC. I did not take the time to look at the Samsung's. I wish now I would have, because I'm noticing I'm having a very difficult time with daytime photos. The v60 does seem really good at night. I'm going tomorrow to look at the s 20+5 in person, as I'm still with in my 14 day return policy. thank you for taking the time to do the picture comparisons, because I was starting to think something was wrong with my eyes in daytime pictures, which I do NEED for my work.

  6. Dori Dori

    V60 is the more realistic. Period. Also headphone jack. Quad DAC. 2 screens. Manual mode in photo and video (even filming in 8K). etc etc. Not to mention that its only 900 dolares comparing to more 300 dolares or around that. AND auto camera mode are for noobs. The real power of LGs come from the manual modes. Nothing compares to that in the market.

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