LG V60 review: Premium 5G phone with quirky dual screens

The V60 is a 5G phone that works with a special case that doubles the size of its screen.
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28 Replies to “LG V60 review: Premium 5G phone with quirky dual screens”

  1. Michael RS

    As I write this on 8-17-20, a full 1/3 of the reviews on the T-Mobile website give this phone just 1 or 2 stars.
    People can take that for what it's worth to them, but that seems a little high to me.

  2. infiniti37G

    This Is a bad review. This is one of the best phones it will destroy the $1300 Iphone, one plus, Sony and most others and is similar to Galaxy S20 for less money, better warranty 2 years, dual screen, DAC audio and lots more. Go back to school lady

  3. ManofSteele25

    everyone keeps comparing this to other single screen devices! , the refresh rate, camera, it has a dual screen case, 8gb ram, perfect, headphone jack, i dont care but you guys do!, check, maybe i shud do my own review, but of course this just MY opinion

  4. B Shah

    The Quad DAC is amazing when used to play back FLAC or with Tidal and a decent pair of headphones. The S20 cannot match the V60 on audiophile features. And it has active stylus support like the Note 10.

  5. jerry caughron

    If you use the case be careful! The front side of this case is made of glass and there is no protection! Why ? because LG didn't offer a screen saver for the case! . I know, I recently dropped my phone(using the case) from 3 feet face down and I shattered the screen!!!!!
    I had to file a claim with t-mobile and I was approved!…
    If you damage the case, the insurance must accept your claim because you purchased the phone with the case!.
    This could be LG worst nightmare!.

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