LG V40 vs LG V30: Let’s chat about a one-year upgrade…

One of the hardest questions for a tech reviewer to answer. If you have a flagship phone, is a one year upgrade worth it? Instead of just ticking off spec check boxes, let’s look at what LG is claiming their phone can do. If you have a V30, should you be shopping a V40?

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39 Replies to “LG V40 vs LG V30: Let’s chat about a one-year upgrade…”

  1. Seabears_hate_circles

    For me, the LG V10 was the best phone I ever had. If it wasn't for the boot loop issue and my failing battery I would have kept it. I skipped from a V10 up to a V40 at the end of last year and man do i regret it. I miss the second screen (yes I actually loved it, unlike most), I miss the removable battery, the textured back that kept it from sliding, and (the biggest thing for me) the buttons on the back of the phone. I absolutely hate the buttons being back on the side of the phone. With the V10 I was able to pull it out of my pocket and turn it on without even thinking. I knew which side was the screen and which was the back without looking and could press all the buttons with my pointer finger. Now, I pull it out of my pocket and the screen and back side feel the same, and I find myself constantly pressing the sound or Google assistant button instead of the screen button by accident when I'm not looking. I'm sure it's probably just me, but man do I miss the V10. The only thing about the V40 that has been huge for me is the battery life. I do love how I can charge my phone and be good for 2-3 days if I for reason couldn't charge my phone.

  2. Niderfyn

    As a V30 owner, I can tell you, if there was ever a phone close to perfection, it was that one. I bought it for work and ended up having it as a daily driver because I couldn't have enough. From the cameras and their features to the phone's sleek design and low weight.
    The only downside, if you could call it like that, it's the selfie camera. When good lighting, it's great, but when it gets darker, it gets waaaay too grainy.

  3. Ritesh Tripathy

    The V30 was damn near perfect in terms of design, symmetry and in-hand feel. The V40 seems a bit off in that regard. I love my V30, I'll keep it until there's a really good reason to upgrade (the next Snapdragon could be that reason from what I've read about it so far..).

  4. cjgt77

    I was really debating get the V40 versus the V30, but it really came down to price and that stupid notch. $700 with trading-in my beloved V20 for the V40, or $300 for the V30 on eBay and I get to keep my v20 as backup, even though it seems like it's bluetooth function is dying. I've always liked the V30 so I went with that.

    I can easily go with my V20 for another couple of years if it was acting fine. These phones are getting so good that you really don't need to upgrade every generation.

  5. Mike Williams II

    the wide camera on the LG V20 has been the best to date, The fish eye wasn't really that bad.

    the V30's wide angle camera wasn't that bad but imo it could have been better, they narrowed the angle a noticeable amount.

  6. Gregory Megatron

    I went from a Super Old LG dumb phone to the V30 almost a year ago, the Verizon employees said I got the best phone out there so I was excited. Thought about going to the V40 and so on each year but I think I'll ride this phone out til a V50 or whatever comes out.

  7. Jacob Cheney

    Bruh. I still have a V20 and it's at the same speed as when I got it. Only reason I haven't swapped tot he V30 or V40 is because they won't let us remove our batteries anymore /: Such a shame

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