LG V40 ThinQ review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the LG V40 ThinQ’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.
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27 Replies to “LG V40 ThinQ review”

  1. Kevin Whiting

    I was really close to buying the lgv30 last year but I'm glad I held out I just bought the v40 yesterday and my God it's the most beautiful phone I've ever owned I was really close to getting the pixel the LG just won me over I haven't had a LG since a flip phone and a k20v I bought in 2016

  2. Tim

    I really hate that LG killed the pefect symmetry of the V30 with the V40. With "enabled" Notch it's asmmetrical, if you disable it, it's still asymmetrical because the top bezel is much thicker then…
    I loved the design of my V30 because it was perfectly symmetrical designed… Why…

    And they made the screen bigger but let the battery at the same size. Also not smart at all – in a time were other manufacturer are releasing same sized phones with at least 4000 mAh.

    And yeah of COURSE there is no distortion on the wide angle because it's note that wide angle at all… Because of stupid arguments like this, LG killed this feature almost completely. 107 degrees is a joke and not a "wide angle".

  3. slavchez

    Когато познаеш Студентски град на снимките , а после видиш "Парк хотел Витоша" и се усмихнеш, че си бил прав 😀

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