LG V40 ThinQ Review: Undeveloped Innovation

The LG V40 ThinQ is a great phone, if not a bit expensive. Is it worth it over the LG G7? Read the full review! |

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28 Replies to “LG V40 ThinQ Review: Undeveloped Innovation”

  1. Aleksandar

    Where from did you hear or saw that "is pretty obvious that consumers don't wan't it (headphone jack) anymore"? All the people that I spoke with, told me that removing headphone jack is the most stupid thing in mobile phone industry. Look at the comments in this video and you'll see that is pretty OBVIOUS that most people WANT headphone jack on their mobile phone. Think twice before you say something in front of the camera. Your personal opinions stated as "obvious consumer's opinions" could harm Android Authority

  2. Anthony Torres

    Many deals on this phone ( which I'm using right now).
    Can get this for around $740.00 right now. Also, carriers like AT&T offering a $400 rebate when you trade your old smartphone in – cuts the cost to around $525.00.
    Sprint lets you lease it for $20.00 a month.
    Battery could be better. New updates for the camera helped with most of the blurring issues on the telephoto lens.
    Best 32 bit Hi-Fi quad dac available hands down.
    Memory should have carried over fro S. Korea at 128 / but with a free 256 micro SD card from Sprint, this phone has tons of space.
    Sadly, in my opinion this is a highly underrated phone.

  3. Sean H

    I was gunning for this phone until i heard about the battery is crap. And Im coming from a LG V20, Which died from a faulty battery….so Im leaving LG, think im going to try the Pixel. Just going to miss that Wide angle lens

  4. urizon41

    Bought this on a verizon 400.00 off deal and wow i love it!! The display is great, sound with or with out a peripheral connected, battery life after like 3 charge cycles is great, its fast as hell, camera's and video are amazing! Ive had a lot different phones and LG keeps upping the game!

  5. Jeremy Venturino

    Headphone jacks are overrated. A good set of LDAC wireless headphones can be had under $200, and many of them have batteries that can last over 20 hours on a charge. Ever since I went wireless, I've understood why manufacturers are ditching the jack. I can't stand wired now that I've gone wireless. But alas, I suppose it's good to have the option.

  6. clouds5

    And if you care about price/performance the LG v30 from last year is even better. Better battery life, no notch, perfect size. And you can find it for ~400$. It "only" has the snapdragon 835. But that's still a very fast chip…

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