LG V40 ThinQ Review After 2 Months!

After over 2 months, here is a review of LG’s latest flagship – the V40 ThinQ! See if the V40 is the best phone you can get right now! Subscribe for more:

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29 Replies to “LG V40 ThinQ Review After 2 Months!”

  1. Mihet Mircea

    you have no idea to make a review you don”t know the specification of the phone and about the crack at the 1:59 minute you can cleary see in the corner of the phone some scratches that can ocure only if you droped on the concrete and you need to wash your hands you are grosse.

  2. Robbie G

    Thanks for the review. I was curious whether you had tried the phone out with Tidal – more specifically, Tidal Masters? And if you tried it with Tidal, did you have any issues saving offline tracks to an external SD card? I currently use a FiiO X7 Android-based audio player, and this combined with Tidal won't allow saving tracks to the SD card.

  3. Aaron Grant

    I personally hate this phone. Ive had it for 2 months myself and already had to send it back for a replacement screen just from simply carrying it around in my pocket and it rubbing against my keys and change. The need to go back to the older LG phones that had scratch resistant screens and waterproof housings that actually worked back then. Im so disappointed in the V40.

  4. Irfan Shaikh

    If people have issues with fingerprints just slip on a matte protector on both sides… All glass phones, due to the requirement for wireless charging will be prone to this… Also no one in their right mind will use glass phones without a case…
    Also apart from Juan Bagnell hardly anyone ever has done a review of manual controls on the LG V series… seems like you guys don't know how to use it…

  5. Dolores Chidi

    A very nice phone ruined by its battery life. Lets be frank. If you put such a lovely camera into a phone, you want to encourage people to take pictures and for this you need a decent battery. I love LG products but for this reason I would not buy this phone. I used the V30 before and according to gsm arena it has a battery endurance of 93 while this phone only has 64 just as a comparison.

  6. David Woods

    Just purchased the V40, then watched your review. I was told(by salesman) it had dual sim capability!?!? Could be VERY helpful for work, can't find an answer yet. I haven't even had it 24 hrs. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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