LG V40 ThinQ 60-Day Review – Flying High

The LG V40 ThinQ has been making its slow rollout worldwide since September, and we’ve put the phone through its paces for the last two months, particularly the camera portion, which we’ve used to film the last several reviews here on the Android Headlines YouTube channel. Is LG’s latest flagship the $900 smartphone you’re looking for?

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30 Replies to “LG V40 ThinQ 60-Day Review – Flying High”

  1. Devin May

    I had an LG G2 before my current phone, which is a oneplus 3. I love my oneplus, but it's showing it's age and I think it's about time to upgrade. Unless something amazing drops in early 2019 i'll probably be getting a v40 as my next device.

  2. Peter

    When I got my V20, I got it for the features, but the feature that closed the deal for me was the removable battery. Nobody else offered that on a flagship, so it put the phone in a class by itself. The V30 was better in many ways, but it was so similar to other phones that it got lost in the shuffle, and I see the same thing with the V40. If LG is smart, they'll make the V50 the first water resistant flagship with a removable battery. That would make waves and get them noticed, because the people who like that feature the most are content creators. If you're going out for a day of shooting video, being able to carry extra batteries is nice. It puts the phone a cut above, makes it the pro's choice, and that's a nice niche to have in an age of cookie cutter devices.

  3. __Dudewitagun __

    Watching this on my V30. These are amazing phones for the money. Don't underestimate LG. That being said I do wanna try the Note 10…BUT I bet u I will miss LG's cheaper price and versatility plus HiFi dac


    I have the v20 and the rear camera glass broke which after some caused the camera to stop working. after getting screwed with the g4 and the bootloop issue, Im no longer trusting LG phone. will goto huawei or xiaomi for my next phone.

  5. Tim

    you have to be a bit blind acutally…
    The chin is NOT the same size as on the G7 and the bezels are also not the same thickness all around… Totally not! Side, top and bottom bezels – all of them have different thicknesses…

    And if you want a lighter phone, you have to live with a smaller battery. useless 30g less weight but instead the battery life is average at max.

  6. Cesar Lopez

    I just bought this phone on a great deal $ 500 I really wanted to have a reliable phone but with great camera when I used to have the lg v30 I love the low light pictures and with lg v40 its great as well the only thing I don't like its the brightness on the sun its difficult to see the screen it glare too much but other than thats it has been great to own this especially at the price I got this phone

  7. Sid Shetty

    Unless LG learns that software updates are also important they are gonna stay underrated and irrelevant.
    just stop making phones if a large company as LG with only 4 odd models can't update their device on time.

    this was after a software development centre promise with ultra-fast updates 7 months ago nothings come by till now lol sold my V30+ im done with LG.

    i think G2, G4, G6 and V30+ is enough chances for a company they continue being below garbage tier in updates not gonna trust LG anymore.

    Sucks that i did love their hardware.

  8. Mahdi Cloete

    Sadly the South African release is so delayed its coming soon but not to my carier yet… i miss my g7 thinq i gave to my sister but i must say the note 9s battery life is a huge improvement over the g7 and im not a heavy user but damn its as heavy as a brick

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