37 Replies to “LG V30: Top 5 Features!”

  1. darrell durham

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  2. Andrew Alberti

    Still using it in November 2020. Still fast and among my favorites. Even today I would replace it only with the Samsung Note 9, I just cannot stand the notch on the other phones.

  3. Kacpa2

    It's a shame that it lost the replaceable battery :/
    Round edge screen is not really something i like. LG V20 was still possible to dissassemble like a proper device. I wish they strayed away from following other generic common brands with the design

  4. Swastik Bhoyar

    LG needs to put some money in advertisements of their such great phones, they are easily in the same league as Google, Samsung, iPhone but not many common people know about their value

  5. Franco Barrera

    I had this phone on T-MOBILE when it first came. To this day, it's still the best sounding phone I've ever had. Also, it always connecting effortlessly to my car's Bluetooth. I've had the 1000 flagship s8 too, and it randomly stop pairing at time. The V30 never had to manually be repaired

  6. Paulie Vee

    I'd love to know what you think of it today! I bought one because I found it BranNewInBox on eBay for under 200 , it's so light and polished I cant seem to stop feeling it , really like I'm watching TV and I'm holding it in my hand feeling the seemlessness of it,,, as far as software it's so fluid I'd swear it was a faster refresh rate. If I lift my finger off the screen while I'm scrolling it just shoots through pages at lightning speed and I gotta stop it! The cameras well that was why I bought it but I'm either not doing something right or just having a hard time, u know your good with camera stuff so I'll look for a review , but I would Love if you'd pull ona these outta your collection and say what you thing today, I have several phones and this beats them all in hardware and software, at a less than mid-range price it could be different kinda choice for ppl shopping around to spend $200 for a brand new flagship phone .
    Anyway if you do see the I'd love to get your response, thnx

  7. MrKeys57

    I still use mine, only thing is a lil bug in the cam software, it stops working some times, but i will keep it, cam is not the most importante for me anyway, Levi

  8. Gong

    3 year review, LG G6/V30 outdated, slow as heck, crashes too much, takes 30+ seconds to load camera, phone freezes.

    Who ever picked Samsung Galaxy s8/s8+/Note8 good on you.

  9. The Mythical Ace

    I wish Marques would still review LG phones. LG makes better phones than any other company for a much lower price, and include features that are actually useful rather than trendy. Although LG is often the trend setter too, as we can see with the wide angle camera (which they were the first to implement) and they paved the way for folding phones with their G Flex back in 2013. It's a damn shame they get no recognition anymore despite actually innovating.

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