LG V20 Review

The LG V20 is a phone that tech enthusiasts, audiophiles, and media creators would be intrigued by, but does it live up to the high expectations that it sets? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out.

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37 Replies to “LG V20 Review”

  1. rohan basu

    I have Ordered Sony XB55 earphone as my OLD XB90 was damaged, and also ordered a LG V20 Lemme know do headphones like XB55 have any special effect with the QUAD DAC or the change in quality is only Noticed with High END 150$ + Headphones?? Plz need to know this

  2. Christopher Parker

    Good review but ur wrong about implying that person's who want a regular smartphone should not get the v20. I think they should that way they will be exposed to so much much that this phone can do. And just because persons aren't familiar with advanced smartphone features doesn't mean that they would not grow to love it. The same can be said about the galaxy s7edge phones with the edge features etc. Not everyone will use these features but it's still a damn good phone. In my opinion if you have the money and even if you don't use every single feature right away on a phone, once you love it buy it, instead of opting for another phone that isn't as good just because it makes calls and send text messages only basically.

  3. Dracula Reloaded

    pple plz understand those who travel a lot should consider phones with removable battery . that's the best way to recharge your mobile , within one min you can remove and replace the second backup battery .

  4. Awesome Adam

    the reason it doesn't read your fingerprint while its in your pocket is because lg makes their phones so that it only turns on when the phone detects your eyes looking at it. I don't think there is a way to change that in settings.

  5. andola jackson

    fyi if youre mad u broke your camera not using a high impact protection case on your 800$ phone…..you deserve to break more than just that lmao im talking to you fools that buy a phone every year….also the fools that spend anywhere from 20-30$ monthly on "protection plans" when again a good case is 20-50$ at most… but whats logic to a consumer anyways when their in the hands of the ad-men. Subbed easily the best review ive seen so far that really describes this phone and what its "made for" and to stay away if you are a lower common denominating user…which isnt me. I found most phones not able to meet my standards and this one paired with 2 batteries seems to be my solution i cant wait to fill a 128gb microsd with some movies and now i can even dl full dj sets/mixes and put them on a phone for once…..and save some "data" for once vs streaming….wins all over for me. Cant wait to make my first skate sesh edit with just this phone it will even capture the audio correctly. As well as some "dogs close up with a wide angled lens" snap chat story updates every time i encounter a dog lmao just to anger my friends…crazy to think ill unplug the battery as i "drive" with the charging cable plugged in as i commute 2 hours daily….then simply pop it back in when i reach my destination in order to prolong my battery life. as well as its charge holding capability

  6. MisterMsk

    You are the only reviewer that I saw that talked about the issue with the touch sensor. I got the V20 when it came out and my does the same thing. For the most part it works. But if you go to grab it and it wakes up as you put your finger on the sensor. You have to remove your finger and put it back onto it.

    I just subscribed to your channel do to this, since it seems you actually do take the time to take it for a 'test drive' and not just read from a spec sheet.

    Thank you…

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