LG UPDATE 05.10.50, ok to update ? does it bring Apple TV APP ?

Information on LG’s latest TV update 05.10.50 for the LG B8 OLED and other 2018 LG TV’s.

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23 Replies to “LG UPDATE 05.10.50, ok to update ? does it bring Apple TV APP ?”

  1. 。禅

    Don’t think b8 users will ever get the Apple TV app.. I used to own a LG o2x phone and it said on the box that it is android 2.3 capable. But they never released 2.3 for the phone throughout its lifespan.. so yeah.. he is right.. should have known it’s wishful thinking since it’s LG

  2. Jason Lefevers

    Anyone else have issues with their magic remote having issues where it stops working after this update. I’ve tried unregistering and re-registering and even bought a new magic remote. Nothing seems to resolve the issue for good. I usually have to unplug the TV and power it back on for the remote to work.

  3. Jaroslav Loskot

    I've got this update a week ago on my 65SK9500PLA model (Nano Cell). It wanished all my picture preferences on all inputs (no big deal, I've done it many times so get it back is matter of minutes) but found, that on my model is now ,, dynamic colors " available on all inputs and picture modes.

  4. Natty WV

    Alright mate ive had my new tv today b9 55 inch love it, i dont have an antenna aerial only two leads off my old sky dish ive put one of the leads into the back of the tv ive got the channels and tv guide but no picture any ideas cheers 👍🏻

  5. Gamer Is Back

    Hi sir, my magic remote of lg TV UK6560 50 inch is freezes every time I have power of the TV and power again twice to work it properly. I have done reset of TV and remote as well but no use. Temporarily I'm using android app to control, any help or tips?

  6. Jeffrey Carrington

    Is it possible you or someone could help me with this.
    I have the LG Oled C7 65 inch and it's last update was only around a month ago.
    It's 05.80.55 and even after using the LG website I have no idea what this update is!
    Can anyone help?

  7. Andrew McNaughton

    I need to decide whether to get the 65” CX or not. I’m on the 65” B8 which I don’t really have any complaints about. Yes I do wonder if there’d be less noise or something on the C range but to be honest, most of the time the picture is perfect. Definitely going to wait until Black Friday as if last year is anything to go by, that’s only time the C9 was at a lower price than it is now. Quite weird actually, how they maintained the C9 back at £2K for so long. That didn’t happen with the C8. Since the CX is starting out cheaper than the C9, I can only pray that the Black Friday price will be amazing (less than £1,800). Then I’ll need my B8 to go to a good home.

  8. Andrew McNaughton

    I hope it laid the foundation for Apple TV but I think it’s unfortunately a c0cktease to those of us waiting on that update. Don’t know why when I’ve got an Apple TV 4K which no doubt will still prove better if the LG version of Apple TV turns out anything like the Fire Stick one that can’t passthrough Atmos.

  9. Ricky R

    Just had a nose on my LG 55” C9, as I heard it doing something the other night, which marries up with this review, so I assume it was automatically updating. Not sure if it updated since, but I’ve went into my app bar and Apple TV is there without downloading via the LG Store.

    If no one else has it on their model (2019), then happy to have a nose what release number it is.

    Congratulations TG on nearly 19k 👊🏼

  10. jhtongamer

    I know it's not about this update but I just wanna know what's the best xbox setting for cod if can make a vid or should I run 4kuhd 60 Hz or 1444 120hz my tv is that lg sm8600pta

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