LG UltraWide™ | 34WN750 – The UltraWide QHD (3440×1440) IPS HDR Monitor | LG

Meet the LG UltraWide™ 34WN750 Monitor – A 34-inch UltraWide IPS monitor that provides wide screen space for multiple working windows and boosts the content-viewing experience with HDR support and various additional features

– LG UltraWide™ Monitors : “See More, Create Better.”
Look wider and horizontally. Concentrate at a glance without the hassle of changing windows.
Empower your potential with the LG UltraWide™ Monitor, and create even more amazing things.

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15 Replies to “LG UltraWide™ | 34WN750 – The UltraWide QHD (3440×1440) IPS HDR Monitor | LG”

  1. Clemente Ruiz

    I bought a monitor for kings and a week ago streaks appeared all over the screen, and our "friends" of the LG technical service after seeing two photos have refused to repair it, they have not even seen it in person. They say that it is a blow and point, with a total arrogance and a lack of respect. There was no point in protesting. A monitor LG 34WK500 that is worth a kidney to the garbage or I pay the repair said thus by the technician of the sat.

  2. Clemente Ruiz

    Compro un monitor en enero, a los 3 meses sin haber hecho nada, ni tan solo movido le salen rayas verticales y horizontales, pido reparación a LG y al dia siguiente me sale como ya cerrada la incidencia y al tercer día me piden fotos. Después de enviar las fotos me llaman y me dicen que es un golpe y que está fuera de garantía, cuando le digo que no se le ha dado ningun golpe ni presion, me llama mentiroso y dice que es imposible, que es un golpe diga lo que diga. Una auténtica vergüenza. Son una marca a la que pienso hacer campaña activa contra sus productos por estafadores. Ya sea en internet, trabajo amigos, redes sociales. No son dignos de la confianza y el dinero de los consumidores.

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