LG Ultra HD TV Prank – End Of The World Job Interview [Meteor Explodes]

This job interview is really just a prank that ends with some great reactions! A clever prank / ad for their 84 inch ultra realistic HD TV.

LG TV Prank Makes People Think It’s The End Of The World
LG HDTV- Meteor Prank Job InterviewLG – Scared Job interview Ever LG HDTV Ultra Reality – End Of The World LG Ultra Reality:Meteor PRANK in Job Interview The job interview.
The creators of this advertisement is clearly inspired by the Chelyabinsk meteorite. But the Spaniards were more emotional.LG prank makes People think It’s The End Of The World
hdtv fine tuning

Remember the elevator with the “collapsing floor”?
here’s LG’s latest prank.

‘LG Ultra Reality Meteor Commercial’.
LG Interview prank!
LG Meteor Prank So Real It’s Scary 3

LG end of the world prank
LG end of the world prank
LG end of the world prank

LG Meteor prank
LG end of world prank

LG Spain Scares The Crap Out Of People. Again
LG Spain Scares The Crap Out Of People. Again
LG meteor prank – September 2013
LG meteoro broma – septiembre 2013
LG نيزك مزحة – سبتمبر 2013
LG метеор шалость – сентябрь 2013
LG Meteor Streich – September 2013

LG Scares the S**t out of People in Viral Video…Again

This is such a great prank.

LG meteor advert prank
LG Meteorite! commercial

38 Replies to “LG Ultra HD TV Prank – End Of The World Job Interview [Meteor Explodes]”

  1. David Powell

    I doubt anyone commenting about depth perception would have noticed something was up. Its not like your brain sounds alarms in your head when you see an image that looks deep but aren't offset enough in each eye to be that deep. Given the lack of other context to discredit the sense of depth (only one window) and how far way the scene is (so depth perception will be pretty inaccurate anyway), at best you'd have a subtle feeling something is off and you'd only be able to put your finger on it after hunting for inconsistencies. But that would only happen if you have some time to focus on the TV not a job interview or an asteroid hitting the city you are in. But you all keep believing you'd walk into that room and instantly be like, "Hey, that's a TV. I'm on to you M Fers!"

  2. Ratta Ratta

    Meh, fake. Majority of any prank videos these days is just staged and I don´t believe their reactions. Somethings just off. It´s an official LG so I doubt they would dare to get in trouble with anybody there.

  3. Jeff case

    The second guy was a good sport, but I can't blame the first guy, I'd honestly think I'd have a heart attack and I'm 25 years young, I laugh at it but when I think about it deeply it makes me realize that it may be far from funny and more psychotic and cruel. Great prank though, if the prank did it's job 10 fold it worked, no matter how bad the reaction was.

  4. LNA

    fake! why is the woman in white still carrying her handbag midway through the interview? that's a no-no. people don't do that in interviews lmao

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