LG UJ6300 4K UHD TV – Hands On Review


The LG UJ7700 TV is a 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR. It sits a couple levels up from LG’s entry-level TVs, thanks to its superior performance and affordable price point.

Facing the front of the TV, you will see a fairly trim bezel that is about a quarter of an inch thick. Its metallic appearance matches that of the plastic feet. The feet sit about 55 inches apart, which is a wide stand reaching nearly the length of the 65-inch TV. This is a very stable stand, but if you plan on using an entertainment, stand make sure to buy a long one. It never hurts to use a security strap on your TV for unforeseen mishaps, like a stray pillow or an earthquake.

Overall the LG UJ6300 is pretty great for an entry level 4K TV for the money. You get a whole lot of screen size for the money, and if you’re upgrading from a mid-tier 1080p TV, you’re definitely going to notice major improvements.


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