24 Replies to “LG TV with adalight ambilight + Philips Hue”

  1. Murat Şengün

    Hello there. I have LG Smart Tv. I downloaded the Hue application from the LG market to the TV, I run the application but I can not match it with the philips hue bridge. Hue products not compatible with LG Smart TV?

  2. Pete McKibben

    ok I have a 2016 LG 55 inch 4k TV, LG sound board and phillip hue light strip. a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. no one at best buy can tell me how to accomplish what you have. any ideas would be truly appreciated. thanks

  3. Oz

    This is great, Thank You for sharing!
    I will like to have the lights behind the TV sync to the TV. How do I do that?
    I am not "yet" trying to have the hue lamps in sync.

  4. Shawn Gryl

    So can this work with the hue light strip? Sorry if someone asked already. I haven't read all the comments. can the program work with the hues strip and can it be ran on raspberry pi?

  5. Mirko Sorak

    @Davor Mrkic Pozdrav Davore, u mom slucaju je PC spojen sa TV-om i na PC-u se vrti jedan malo programcic koji sinhronizira lampe sa onime sto trenutno imas na monitoru. Radi odlicno i stalno se razvija. Ako trebas neku pomoc samo javi.. Mirko

  6. Davor Mrkic

    haj haj mirko.
    Kako ovo radi na brzinu? Jel to gledaš preko tv-ja ili imaš LG priklopljen na kompjutor ? 
    Kupim Hue žarnice i kako jih spojiš na tv? 
    Puno hvala. 

  7. M CHK

    Dude this is so awesome. Do you have a file that i can just download and install? I don't know how to make my own file with the steps you described. Thanks

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