LG TV Service Menu (EZ-ADJUST) Tool Option Values

LG TV Service Menu/Mode (EZ-ADJUST) Tool Options values.
How to enter Service Menu :
Be very careful while playing with these service menus, wrong value could brick your TV.

With Tool 6. and Tool 7. you can change your Country Group and Area Option.

How to enter INSTART Service Menu :

How to RESET LG TV :

How to Enter Installation Menu and Hotel Mode :

25 Replies to “LG TV Service Menu (EZ-ADJUST) Tool Option Values”

  1. Con Temporary

    Hi carl'
    thanks for the effort.
    i have LG 49SJ800V UHD TV and i cant seem to access the service menu. even anymote doesn't have the EZ-ADJUST button there. Is there anyway i can access the service menu?
    i am stuck with country and its not changing at all.
    please help out mate. would truly appreciate it.
    Many thanks

  2. Cmo Wat

    Hello, I have an LG 43UJ300. I couldn't figure out how to enter the service menu via remote, luckily we had a phone with IR handy and your other video really helped.
    Anyways I'm trying to disable the Auto-Brightness feature and I was wondering if anyone knew the necessary settings. Thanks much for any help.

  3. pmazzara

    Hi there,
    Big question.
    I have a 42LA660S EU LG Smart TV. The Image dissapeared so I've changed the Logic board EAX64797004 for a new one I bought from Ebay (Chinese seller). Now, this board is setup as Country Region 05 and I wan't to change this in order to have Netflix on NETCAST 4.0
    The problem is that I can't change this value even gettin into INSTART or EZ-ADJUST. Do you know any other way to get ccess to this field to change it to 02 (USA) and area 1793 (US FRIENDLY AREA)?

    Many thanks in advanced!!!

  4. Vix

    From the service menu how to disable freaking Bluetooth restriction for any headset to connect to my LG tv? its really so stupid of them to restrict the Bluetooth audio connectivity only to LG or Samsung products. Even the stupid monopolistic apple does not do it… I mean seriously. My headset shows in the Bluetooth device setting in but refuses to pair. can some one help?

  5. Caleb Allen

    Hey bro:) I ran across your channel! You have some sick content I subbed and liked I was wondering if we could be YouTube friends and give eachother shoutouts I will continue to stay active on your channel so it would be sick if you could do the same

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