LG TV repair

Just a quick video showing an easy repair on a LG LCD TV. For entertainment viewing only. High voltages, do not replicate, for education only. Hope you enjoy watching me work.

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  1. catliciousoz

    I would love some help terrible shooting an lg lcd TV issue. It was given to me stuck on boot screen, and reflowed the main board and now it boots fully, great picture, but flickers to black three or four times then shuts down within the first minute of booting.
    It's not over heated as it turns back on, I can't find any bad caps and don't want to desolder all caps if I can localise the problem. Any thoughts? I only have access to a basic multimeter for testing.
    I would really appreciate your help, thank you 🙂

  2. Bob H

    Way to go, Ed.. Excellent repair! Those naughty electros! It only takes 1 baddy to take the whole thing down. Yeah, designing the electros next to the heat sink is a bad idea.. shame on LG! I can only imagine all the other LG's like this one that have the same exact problem. Your vid here will be most appreciated for those repairs.

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