LG TV Magic Remote Turn on/off the Pointer 2019 Smart TV’s

I really like the LG Magic remote but Some people get distracted or confused by the pointer. The 2019 range has made it easier to immediately disable the pointer. On previous LG TV’s the pointer would come on as soon as you move the remote, this no longer happens and it’s a welcome improvement.

This has been tested on 2019 M series LG TV’s.

LG Magic Remote Re-pair / Reset Fix

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  1. Andrew

    Yes, you can permanently disable this feature, but you will need for that 2 the same magic remotes.
    First step: register one magic remote with your TV (press OK).
    Second step: put that first registered remote in storage and simple use your second UNREGISTERED magic remote with your TV. Annoying pointer will never appear on your screen again.
    You can safely press all the buttons on your second remote including OK – no pointer will appear again. Enjoy!

  2. Hossam Dream

    When i'm trying to give my tv voice order's . the tv gave me msg , you must go to wifi Connection first , is that normal to give an voice commands , should i turn the wifi connection on first before i give my lg tv an voice command's ?? is that normal or that is such a problem in my tv setting even in software or hardware ??


    I just purchased a LG CX my magic remote have a circle with a line threw the mouse, Also sometimes out of nowhere the mouse will appear on the screen while am watching tv not sure why this is happening.

  4. Jeremy W.

    SOLUTION: Go to "accessibility" and turn on "audio guidance", this will disable the cursor and still allow you to make selections. Turn the volume to to the lowest setting. If you are using tv speakers, you'll just have to deal with it. If not, change the audio output to one that is not in use.

    I use headphones which receive audio from my PS4, which is completely separate form the TV speakers. Your options will depend on your audio setup

  5. Venom

    I see people all over the world complain about this, this mismatch including me … this is the worst TV control I have ever used, I never buy anything from LG again

  6. Gabriel Araujo

    Hi leepspvideo! Congratulations for the video! I wold like to ask your help in something… Would you help us in how to set up google home in the LG tv, allowing us to ask google using the magic controller? I think this would help a lot of users. Tank you so much!

  7. Quiad Flett

    I had bought a brand new LG 55"UHD 4K SMART TV, and noticed it turns on my other TV set in the kitchen, which I dont want, how do I turn off this setting, so when I turn on the new TV only that one turns on and not the kitchen TV set?

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