33 Replies to “LG TV kit circuit Dekhe EHT number Kaise nikale”

  1. Nilima Pagdhare

    Philips CRT TV 29"inch, model no 4423/94, which EHT no are match with this TV . Pls help me find out this EHs no. TV OTHER DETAILS ARE Tda 8375a Croma Ic P83c366bdr/016 processor Ic Tda7057aq sound Ic STV 9379fa vertical Ic

  2. Partha Bora

    Sir I'm your friends & I am from Assam I like your video & sir I request you please upload a busting pf video like how can enter equivalent
    Of . the original pf. all about power busting pf. .& Sir Samsung & lg ultra-slim TV power supply repairing video . please upload. thanks

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