LG TV is possessed

My LG LED TV has basically had this issue since I bought it. At random times while I’m using it, all of the lights on the touch-sensitive buttons in the corner will light up (not normal) and the TV will begin beeping wildly. With every beep, different menus and functions pop up on the screen. It frequently will turn the TV speaker volume all the way up to 100; it’s a good thing I usually have my receiver plugged in instead. During these “freak-outs,” it won’t permit me to turn off the TV, either by remote or physically pressing the button. It also won’t usually allow me to make any adjustments with the remote, including lowering the volume.

I ended up buying the 4-year extended warranty through Best Buy, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to send it in once I have the time.

Model is 47LE5400.

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  1. Flip Flop Mechanic

    I just wanted to mention to others that may come across this searching for an answer. I saw a post in another video where a lady said her boyfriend squeezed the bottom of the TV around the touch pad a few times and the problem went away. I just tried it for the hell of it and it worked. It freaked out for a few seconds, but the touch screen and remote started working fine again a few seconds later. I hope it helps others.

  2. Aisha

    I came her putting on the search bar "LG TV possesed" (in English as I could not found in Spanish, as my TV doesn't like me putting the Q'ran surat Al Baqara, and this surat is when there is sorcery somewhere, it is for protection. I didn't know but when I put it the TV starts to do strange things and turn to diferent channels from the TV. I have to say I am reverted person to Islam and since I know about the "all seeing eye" I noticed companies have deals with the devil, and LG is a LOGO of the "all seeing eye".

  3. liyah

    Same thing is happening to me, but my TV is a Magnavox….when I got it it didn’t do this shit but now it is and it doesn’t respond when I turn it off, so I have to fill on unplug the damn TV.

  4. Gregory Hafen

    I have heard that moisture causes LG TVs to act in this manner. I have seen videos on here that say the same. Mine is freaking out on the options menu spinning around to each option in the menu screen over and over again. I plan to open it up and blow some air in there, dry it out and see if it works again. I have seen people blowing air on the switch section inside the TV.

  5. cyrusjumpjet

    Just want to mention that this problem has resurfaced for me after getting it repaired the first time. Apparently the touch panel part only lasts a couple of years until it starts getting wonky. Not very happy with LG right now.

  6. Derek S

    This happens to me from time to time, too.  What I discovered was that a 1080p signal often freaks out the LG TV's electronics and causes this problem.  If I change the source to output in 720p resolution, this no longer happens.  It's really frustrating, though, since I can't get a full HD signal with this workaround, and the TV worked fine for the first couple of years.

  7. tangerine20

    I have the SAME exact problem with my LG TV. I've had the TV for about 3 years now, and I have had this problem for about 1.5 years now. I'm never buying an LG TV ever again. Model/Type: 47LM7600-UA.

  8. Jarrod

    There is a simple work around if you do not wish to repair your TV. Remove the back panel and unplug the touch panel circuit board. Yes the touch panel and the lights will not work but your TV will be possessed.

  9. Grace Hunt

    After watching your video and reading your last reply, I ruled out the part that I originally thought might be the problem. Since you said its a rectangular piece of plastic with cords. I've searched online and cannot find that part even on parts diagrams I've looked at.

  10. cyrusjumpjet

    Hi Grace, I'm honestly not sure what it was called, but the part is the physical panel of touch sensitive buttons that gets installed beneath the frame of the TV. It looks like a rectangular piece of plastic with some small cords. If that doesn't help, I may be able to find the name of the part by looking at the service receipt once I'm home.

  11. Grace Hunt

    I have the same problem, its it the (PCB assy, sub) part that will fix this issue or is there a panel for the buttons. I'm out of warranty on this same TV and mine does the same exact thing except for turning up the volume on it own. What part do i need? If it is the PCB assy,sub or IR receiver, I've also heard it called its only a $12 fix….am I looking at the right replacement part?

  12. cyrusjumpjet

    Yes, I was able to get mine fixed. I called a Geek Squad tech out to take a look (I'd purchased the extended warranty) and it ended up being the touch panel for the buttons on the front. I don't think the part itself was very expensive, but I'm glad that it was under warranty because the labor charge for the ~20 mins of service would have been somewhat expensive. Anyway, I haven't had an issue with it since I got a new touch panel.

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