LG TV 49UJ6300 WIFI dropping problem

[UPDATE] LG released a fix for that, needed to manually perform the software update. Follow the link below:

This video shows what happens… Suddenly the TV drops the WIFI connection and won’t connect anymore. Some TV functions become unresponsive (such as Netflix subtitles and menus), and the menu won’t show any options. When I try to connect back to the wifi, it doesn’t work. I need to unplug the TV from the power outlet and plug back in so it will have WIFI again.

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  1. Vasile Stavila

    FOR EVERYONE COMING ACROSS THIS ISSUE: I was struggling with this sh*t for the last year. Lately my remote was freezing every 5 seconds and the TV couldn’t connect to internet. JUST DO A FACTORY RESET USING THE CODE: 0000. This fixed all my issues, I found the solution myself. So easy but so worthy.
    Note: if you factory reset your TV you will all the apps downloaded and all password, you will have a brand new TV.

  2. Billy C

    This works temporarily. But the permanent fix is to remove the back panel of the TV and straighten out the crimped ribbon cables, and make sure they're well connected. There are at least a couple of videos on YouTube that show how to do it. Good luck to all of those who have this problem.

  3. elegate87

    Thank you sir. Seems I'm not the first and its a know problem apparently. Which sucks because LG tv have great potential but if this is an issue it just doesn't make them look good.

  4. roddy88 WDB

    This tv probably was recalled EVERYBODY has the same problem!!! It really really sucks.. T-Mobile had the nerve to give this shit away with a new phone offer ha!! I see why.. and made sure u paid on time for 3 months before they sent the TV.. TRASH!!!

  5. Brian Deines

    I have the same problem. will anyone recommend a wifi extender with ethernet so I can just plug it in with a cat 5 cable? the wifi card in the tv is apparently good until the warranty expires. LG knows it too. also It works sometimes and others not…. WTF?

  6. Micayla De Ette

    Ugh!! I thought it was just MY tv… I have the exact same issue… mine always says the time & date are not current & it resets to like 1999! So frustrating. I have to turn the power strip off & on then it works after I reset the date (even though I have it set to "automatic time & date"… it works until I turn the TV off for the night & when I come back its disconnected… how can I fix it!?!

  7. manoj goud

    From day one of the purchase Same issue worst LG. Even with warranty they are unable to fix. Cast option doesn’t work either. They simply say after three repairs we can replace the product. Don’t ever buy LG

  8. Ginger Snap

    wow it worked! For no reason my wireless network was dropped and the TV kept searching and no networks would show up. I followed your video and voila! My network list appeared and I reconnected. Had to enter my password and everything again. Very strange it got dropped so randomly like that.

  9. DenOfWhasps

    Resetting works as far as getting my wifi back, but the connection is so slow that apps just freeze. Xbox, Firestick, and PC all work without any problems.

    I've got the OLED55B7V which was ridiculously expensive. I won't ever buy LG again.

  10. Manuel Villarroel

    A mi igual me paso lo mismo, después de unos 10 minutos de reiniciar quedaba sin red WIFI… leyendo los comentarios encontré una solución que hasta ahora me ha resultado, ya lleva horas el televisor sin perder red.

    1) Cambiar el País del televisor en las opciones. Quitar la seleccion automatica y escoger otro pais.
    2) Going to Settings, General, and turning off "Mobile TV On" and Quick Start+.
    3) Network > Wi-fi connection > Advance setting > Edit > uncheck Set Automatically > set DNS SERVER: and connect

    A mi me funcionó eso.

  11. jesuismieux01

    You need to replace the Wifi card. It cost in between $12 to $20 for the wifi card and it only takes about 10 minutes to fix it yourself. Seems like LG smart tvs made from 2017 to 2019 have this problem but LG refuses to acknowledge it.

  12. lbialk

    This fix works for a while, then it stops working as well. resetting to factory settings also helps temporarily, re-booting the router sometimes helps temporarily (even though all other devices are working fine). The ONLY long term solution I have found is to give up on the LG WiFi and dig out a 15 year old Roku device and connect through that. I will NEVER buy another LG product. This is, and has been, a known issue with LG smart TVs for years and LG does nothing to fix it.

  13. Tomislav Peharec

    I had the same issue with WiFi not working every morning on my LG 55UM7000PLC, only thing that helped was completely unplugging the TV from socket and then it would come back to life. After I turned off the "Quick Start" option in All Settings -> General -> Additional settings, it is working like a charm for last week – every morning TV is normally connected to WiFi automatically. Since "Quick Start" is leaving the TV in some "standby sort of" mode, it seems to me that after a long period of being in that state (during the night for example), TV goes crazy and disconnects or whatever. So, TURN OFF that "Quick Start" which is saving you like 3 seconds of your life when turned on.

  14. Johnny Monteiro

    This is a known hardware issue, thx to the speaker being too close to the flat cable connector, it can cause vibration that "tampers" the connection between the cable from the wifi card to the motherboard, if it stucks without WIFI after rebooting, which will only work when the cable it's "seated okish" only "reseating" the cable will work.
    unscrew the back panel tv, the wifi cable has a written WIFI word on it, this flat cable goes to a blackbox near the power/joystick button, with another falt cable actually going to the power/joystick button, unscrew this box, and clean the cable on both ends (wifi only)

  15. Eric F

    Same issue, and WITH the latest upgraded firmware. Both TVs, ( have the 49" and the 65UJ6300). so it is 100% software related. Also, the ethernet doesn't reconnect after you turn the TV off. VERY BAD tvs, last LG products for me 🙂

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