LG Super UHD TV I SK8500 product video I 4K HDR TVs

You are watching the product video for the LG SK8500 Super UHD TV. This short guide will give you more information about the 4K HDR TV and its technologies.

What is Super UHD?
All LG Super UHD TVs boast 4K screen resolution. It offers 4 times the detail of your HD TV. LG has two different 4K TV ranges – Ultra HD and the premium Super Ultra HD.

Why 4K TV?
• Bring brilliant clarity and vivid detail to your sofa
• Picture stays sharp when you sit close to the TV
• Sky, Netflix, BBC and Amazon Prime all offer 4K content
HDR for director’s cut
HDR delivers a truly cinematic 4K experience – shadows are detailed and colours true-to-life. LG Super UHD TVs support most HDR formats including Dolby Vision™ and Advanced HDR by Technicolor.

Nano cell tech makes UHD Super
Your TV picture is made up of pixels. Nano-cell technology ensures these are placed just one nanometre apart, so you can enjoy uniform colour – from brilliant blue skies to bright football pitches.

Deep black colours for outer space
Darker colours and backgrounds also appear in greater detail and depth with full array local dimming. Parts of the screen are dimmed to create deeper and darker colours with minimal light bleed.

Alpha 7 processor – brighter and clearer
Experience the intelligent processing of the Alpha 7 chip. Colour accuracy is improved, and image noise reduced. Standard content is upscaled to near 4K quality.

Voice control makes life easy
Forget clicking and scrolling to find your favourite movies or changing the volume – LG Super UHD TVs respond to your voice commands using the built-in artificial intelligence of ThinQ AI and Google Assistant.

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19 Replies to “LG Super UHD TV I SK8500 product video I 4K HDR TVs”

  1. beag chic

    Considering buying the LG 55SK8500PLA version, does anybody know if it would be compatible with my Samsung HWK-950 Soundbar, would like to get the Dolby Atmos up and running

  2. Deathwish203

    At 2:45 The mans hands moves right while the cursor moves left.Also before that he scrolls the menu to the right without moving his hand.He is pressing buttons to move which does not happen like that.I own a C7 and a C8 and you have to move hand wide to the left or right to scroll menu.You can use buttons but it will click each icon not float by like the cursor did.

  3. Coold Coold hams

    Please have a lg 4k tv in 2014 when i turn off the TV and go back to find the channels scan and search again please what is the solution to install the channels and change the language to arabic

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