LG Super UHD Nano Cell TV Setup & Review!!!

Unboxing and Review of the latest 4K TV, Super UHD LG Nano Cell TV (55SJ8500)
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49 Replies to “LG Super UHD Nano Cell TV Setup & Review!!!”

  1. Alex Hawkins

    You really need to mention to LG and get the people Kicking and Screaming at LG, for buying WEBOS from PALM, and not WEBOS the fastest operating system back in smart phones. Making NO other cell phone comparable. Being able to operate 20 or more apps at the same time with no lag at all. Rather than taking the fastest operating system, and doing nothing with it. LG also needs to make passive 3-D available smart tv's available again.

  2. Ignacio Godinez

    Hello, I have this same tv and I do not know how to calibrate the settings as far as the picture quality to enjoy that 4k . Can you please help me out and show me how to adjust my settings? What do u recommend

  3. DewdBush

    What's the TV Picture settings you're using for Gaming/TV/Netflix/HDR etc ? I own the SJ800V and the local dimming is horrible . the led lights moving left right like crazy in dark scenes and its not enjoyable . thanks in advance . I've turned local dimming off, but doing that the whole screen gets brighter and grayish … i hope there's a workaround

  4. ArcanePath360

    I was set you but LG 49SJ810V but just found that it's not a true 10 bit panel, it's 8 bit+2 using software dithering to approximate 10 bit.
    Can anyone tell me how this compares to a true 10 bit? It kinda sounds like when they sold 720p as "HD ready". Don't want to fall for no marketing tricks.

  5. D Nahil

    This Samsung has an IPS panel therefore very poor native contrast of less than 1200:1, subpar blacks, significant blooming and forced ads. Your money is better spent elsewhere.

  6. Maggotron King

    Can you post you're Picture Setup for the LG 55SJ800.
    When i watch Football the green field starts to banding. Local Dimming is out put the picture is actually grey and not black.
    Please post youre setup.

  7. Soney Liston

    I just got this today and set it up (£550 with 5 years warrantee, its the 49") for the price its OK, but its way to complex, its a TV at the end of the day and shouldn't be that complicated to use

  8. Xino Ximo

    I bought the tv today, the 65 inch. I couldnt fit it in my car so the store took it out the box and there goes my 30-day return right.. plugged it in, looks very nice but… THE BACKGROUND LIGHT BLEED. What the hell is this? The sides bleeds light through and if I watch a dark movie, those light bleeds are fucking annoying. I’m contacting the store tomorrow again to see if something can be done. NOT happy at all.

  9. EL EVO

    Does this TV support "Dolby Atmos" and "Dobly Vision"? Like their Oled TV's ?

    I picked up the Oled B7A and I have what is Called Banding Issues Already, So I will most likely return and and stick with a High End LED TV. Even if i exchange my Oled for another one, It's a hit or miss issues with Oled I don't want to deal with that , Especially at Oled Prices.

    Thanks for your Reply.

  10. Mr. Ihab Issa

    UHD needs 3840 full pixels, but LG RGBW has only 3840*3/4 = 2880 full pixels. It is not UHD in any way. Common subpixels are acceptable only in camera matrixes, there 1 pixel eqals 1 subpixel, but pixel has only one from 3 colours in matrix 3 or 4 mozaic RGB or RGBG or sometimes RGBW. wouldn’t be an issue if the technology were advertised as 2.8K, or even—as the industry is wont to do—rounded up and pitched as a 3K. LG OLEDS include a white subpixel in each individual pixel, but in the LCD TVs, they use a white subpixel for every 4th subpixel in a row. So it doesnt have 4k detail but the correct amount of pixels to say its 3840×2160

  11. Ben Newson

    It's a great tv for the price now. Under £800. You get what you pay for and they'll be faults only the fussy types can see. What's lacking in blacks here, it makes up for. The only person that can make the final choice is you.
    Don't forget these experts say to use movie and warm on everything. If you want whites to look yellowish and not white go ahead. I copied many collaborations and all but ruined the experience.
    Only your own eyes can really judge, so don't take 1 negative review to heart.

  12. Jason Stevenson

    I just got this TV as well as the B7. In regards to this TV, I'm experiencing lag on the UI with the cursor studdering. Also, this seems to be a very dim display, which is a shame. The B6 is buttery smooth, and its OLED panel is stunning.

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