LG Stylo 6 vs Moto G Stylus Comparison! Which Is Better?

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47 Replies to “LG Stylo 6 vs Moto G Stylus Comparison! Which Is Better?”

  1. Uncultured Barbarian

    After using both extensively, the Moto is way better and it's free at metro right now if you switch your number to them. Well both are free if you switch right now but the choice is pretty easy. After coming from the stylo 5 before, I never got comfortable on the 6. I liked the camera compared to the prior models but the Moto's blows it away. It has both 4k and slow motion recording (120fps so nothing special but beats no slow motion 🤷‍♂️) plus there are little quirks about the moto I like more too. Like how the screen shows the clock/notifications when you pick it up or how it can be set to keep the screen on when you're looking at it. Small touches the Stylo 6 lacks that gives the G Stylus a more premium feel to it. Oh and face unlock and "turbocharge" fast charging are on the Metro model I got yesterday so seems they heard that initial criticism and responded.

  2. Island Life

    Of everyone who has purchased— which phone has the better people pic taking camera. I find that most smart phone cameras distort the real features…I want the one that looks the most like real life. Like the old disposable cameras…they took great pics…they looked like you in real life. Any suggestions.

  3. shihlin1

    Like the Android skin on the Moto much better. The inferior processor on the LG is a deal breaker.
    I've held both phones and the LG feels A LOT more chunkier.
    Good luck trying to fit the LG in ur pocket !
    It's gonna weigh ur pants down for sure.

  4. Michele Wolfe

    I was so excited for the stylo 6. The pen and larger screen more storage. I have had this phone for 2 months and i liked my stylo 4 better. Im not impressed with the screen clarity or the camera It charges pretty fast. Ive noticed that it has some hardware issues like the screen bleeps out. The pen broke in two days because my grandson pushed it in wrong. Im going to try out the moto g because im not happy with this phone.

  5. G TUCK7

    I am a loyal LG customer. I get the new Stylo iteration every year a few months post release. But, if they don't step it up in certain areas for next year's release (Stylo 7) CPU/GPU..and camera. I will try something different, possibly next year's motorola stylus equipped offering…

  6. Jewels Jewel

    Just recently bought a Moto g stylus I in the past loved the LG stylus so one through five but I got tired of them being the same each upgrade I went with Moto g this time because I loved the camera and I love the fact that it was smaller than the six LG my gripe with the Moto g stylus is when it starts up why does it take so long to get to the first screen I don't need to to see those color flashing over and over it's just way too long on the startup is there a way to prevent that stop it don't have it at all please respond with answers if there are any

  7. no u

    honestly, in my opinion the Stylo is way better than the Moto G. I don't really care about the loading difference, just for the fact that there's only like a 50 millisecond difference

  8. Zackery Parkhurst

    The larger screen is a must. I prefer the larger screen for streaming and while it does lag a little, the experience feels more refined in general. While I love motorola, its always been a toss up between either a motorola phone and an lg.

  9. Tae Woodz

    I just recently brought the stylo 6 and I'll say for the specs alone the moto is better but as a person who just enjoys the simple aspects if a phone the stylo is not bad at all its actually a great mid tier phone the biggest complaints I see concern the processor but there's a way to speed up your phone is via your settings using developer mode ever since I did that my phone is almost two times faster I feel like if more people knew this they would enjoy their stylo even more

  10. 1 wordnerd

    Love my Moto G Stylus! Great pic, sound, battery, storage and performance for a phone that I can afford. Switched from Boost to Google Fi just to get rid of my laggy LG Stylo 6, although I do miss the type of stylus on the LG.

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