LG Stylo 6 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features You Might Not Know!

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27 Replies to “LG Stylo 6 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features You Might Not Know!”

  1. Herr Pooper

    DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!!! Biggest piece of crap ever. Faulty chip makes it the slowest Droid I ever owned. The big screen, fingerprint scanner and all the nice features are pretty much pointless with what's probably the worst processor in the industry. I bought it, it drove me crazy for about a week, then I returned it.

  2. Peggy Harrison

    I have a question…I went from Stylo 2 to Stylo 6. A feature on the 2 I miss is that there was a little red light on the top status bar, I guess you call it, that would flash when I had a message. I don't see any instructions that tell me if that option is available on the 6 and if it is, how do I enable it. I'm technologically challenged folks, in case you couldn't tell by the wording of my inquiry.

  3. J.T. Hook

    I have a major issue with my phone and that it has burned up 35 gigs of data in 10 days. It tells me that, alone, I used 5.6 gigs watching 3 videos on a certain app, and I can't see how this is possible. I called my carrier and he said it was due to apps still running in the background. I've never had that issue before,only since I've had the Stylo 6. How do I stop the apps running in the background and burning up 3.5 gigs a day on apps I'm not even using at the time?

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