LG Stylo 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | Full Comparison

LG Stylo 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | Full Comparison

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36 Replies to “LG Stylo 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | Full Comparison”

  1. c CC

    both are good phones and yes the note9 screen is slightly better but it also runs hotter and it freezes alot –people only buy these phones cause they are clueless and the choice was made for them cause thats all drones do is follow the hype—–the better phone is stylo4 …i cant wait the note14 comes out its only 1800.00 how pathetic

  2. AFX Gaming

    uhh.. where the hell are you finding the stylo 4 for 79$? the only price I can find is 300 and 200 on discount… wait that's with a plan… wtf.. you can get a note 4 for free with a plan

  3. bigmac

    Saw absolutely zero difference in cameras. As far as screen resolution. …..who cares, my the human eye can only decipher soooooo much visual information. In the meantime, i can pay my rent with the $800 savings by purchasing the LG.

  4. S Parker

    im sure the style is a great phone but to compare it to the note 9…. I don't get it. wouldn't this be reasonably more compared to the J series or the A series just asking

  5. Joser Gutieress

    The LG stylo is perfect cause u never know what features newer phones will have and the characteristics on the LG are perfect for anyone. Not mention the badass price!
    Im going to get mee one of those.
    And nice video comparison, dude! Bye.

  6. prdanpr 82

    The stylo is a beast of a budget for but there really is no need to compare it with super smart phone like the samsung galaxy line. If you just watch videos play games and fb alot stylo is great if you want to cure cancer use samsung… If you have 1000 to spare go for it if not lg stylo is beutiful phone

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