LG Smart TV with webOS – Firmware Updates 2014

Updating the firmware in your TV is an important way to keep it working its best, fixing any bugs that might pop up in addition to providing the latest features. And if your LG Smart TV is connected to the Internet, the entire process should take just a few minutes. Watch for the full break down!

7 Replies to “LG Smart TV with webOS – Firmware Updates 2014”

  1. Fayz Said

    السلام عليكم ….. انا اشتريت شاشة موديل    lg55 uf950t  فوجئت فى بعض المواقع برسالة ان الفلاش غير مدعم مثل موقع يلاشوت لمشاهدة المباريات …. كيف لى ان اجد الفلاش وماهو امتداد الفلاش ان وجدته وان وجدته وثبته له تاثير على نظام webos 2  الموجود بالجهاز

  2. Ria Soni

    This really worked!it was helpful This video was without this video I think I would have been trying to find out how to update the system in days but this helped me seconds!

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