LG Smart TV – Wireless Network Setup (Built in WI-FI)

Enjoy your LG Smart TV to the fullest by connecting to wireless network with built-in Wi-Fi technology. No wires, no adapters. Simply use your TV’s remote control to search your home network and go online. Watch the video to learn step-by-step guide on how to connect your TV to the world.

39 Replies to “LG Smart TV – Wireless Network Setup (Built in WI-FI)”

  1. Sandy M

    After clicking start connection this comes out "to connect to the network , check the connection statues of LAN cable or AP" what should i do !! Help me please. Not sure what to do anymore

  2. Dre Day

    I bought a LG 2016 model 65 inch webOS UH6150 and I can't connect to the Internet to save my life I keep getting a message telling me to turn Wi-Fi on and there's no option to turn Wi-Fi on and off with this particular model wtf LG

  3. MightyRadler

    this commercial is useless… i always have to reconnect to wifi every 2-3days my wifi connection is lost and i theres no way to fix it unless it fixes it self in time. 'To connect to the network, check the status of LAN cable or AP is a common thing i see on tv regulery. Lags like ass…

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