LG Smart TV : SmartShare WiDi

Enjoy LG LED Smart TV* SmartSharing using the Intel Wi-Di technology. You can easily connect your PC/laptop enabled with Intel Wi-Di with LG Smart LED TV and wirelessly share the contents!

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*Conditions Apply

29 Replies to “LG Smart TV : SmartShare WiDi”

  1. Nerissa Brannan

    I have been up all night and most of the morning looking for a widi that works with a pc, I dont have a laptop to connect it too, also when i went to watch this on my new LG 55" web os tv, it told me I cant as I`m out of memory, the LG help centre told me the only way to clear memory is to do a factory reset, WTH???  going back to Samsung I think grr

  2. hendrick

    esa porqueria no me sirve en mi tv… tengo una 47 la6200 y no me conecta… ingreso la clave y pongo conectar y hasta ahi queda,,,, luego sale q no se conecto y no se que hacer….

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