LG Smart TV – Setup Wizard

This video is here to help you set up your TV in just a few easy steps! Click to get all the details you need to get started with your new LG TV!

13 Replies to “LG Smart TV – Setup Wizard”

  1. Parsa Maleki

    I can not see live tv by Internet on my LG smart tv but before I could!!! My internet connection is ok . I can see video on YouTube on my tv . Just I have problem with program that is live and does not show !!!!!!please direct me what should I do ?

  2. john latus

    I have an LG 5500 tv but an old Cambridge audio amp I want sound to come out of my speakers and the tv only has optical but the amp has coaxial cable how can I get my amp running through my amplifier

  3. afzpuppet

    +BallsyBallistics Yeh.. I just got a 42 inch Floor Model from Best Buy… but the salesman gave me the wrong remote… I should have gotten the Magic Remote..
    You gotta have It…. else Navigating the apps is a super slow..  

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