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  1. Prabir Kr. Chandra

    LG India violating warranty services. Warranty policy not clear. Heart breaking after purchase. I have Purchased a smart led TV. Smart features were not working properly. such as it's screen sharing feature is not capable with all mobile company's smart hand sets. Not working with Motorola , Samsung and many other. But LG suppressing this before purchase.
    After few days a spot seen on panel. Called the customer care. LG authorized service agency came and reported that my panel broken, so I have to pay a big amount for purchasing the panel because LG warranty policy does not cover plastic,fibre,rubber. But unfortunately panel which is main valuable parts in a TV is plastic or fibre. So I repeatedly mailed,called the customer care that I have not done mishandling. Even personally contacted the service agency but all are in vein. Conversation with area service manager D Debnath, customer care Senior executive Ankit Kumar all are hope less. My TV has 2 yr panel warranty and this occurred within 3 month. I requested them for arranging forensic or any other test by third party which will prove that I have mishandled the TV but they are ignoring all these.
    Service request no. RNP180108030593 and RNP18020109969.
    Now my question that if automatic panel is damaged or if it is due to manufacturing defect then who will take the burden. A smart TV has many features, it is hard to understand the manufacturing defect within few days for us because it takes long time to understand all the features

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