LG Smart TV: How to Factory Reset Back to Default Settings as if Brand New Out of the Box

I show you how to reset your LG Smart TV back to its original default factory settings (reset to initial settings) as if you just bought it brand new and took it out of the box. Remember you will need to set up your LG TV again including wifi, netflix, Amazon video, etc.

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27 Replies to “LG Smart TV: How to Factory Reset Back to Default Settings as if Brand New Out of the Box”

  1. pty boxing

    Bought the tv. Worked perfectly, added my airpods and one day got an update needed. After I did this . Only one side of my Bluetooth/pods work on tv. On my iPhone both side works. Reinstalled airpods and still only one side works .. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. gvet47

    My LG TV is brand new and it just keeps saying it is in Factory Mode and one time it said TV is not a HD TV. Think it must have been shipped in some kind of factory test mode and asking LG for help they believe nothing and keep asking for screen shots of the same thing I gave them in exact words. That message says to press an Instop key my remote does not even have. New TV and non-funtioning

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