LG Smart TV Explained

Bring the best of the internet directly to your TV without a computer with LG Smart TV.

Access the best TV from the past seven days with BBC iPlayer, stream films on demand with LOVEFiLM, Netflix or even check out the latest videos on YouTube – the choice is completely yours !

With the LG Magic Remote you can simply point, click, drag, and flick for simple control over your entertainment.


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30 Replies to “LG Smart TV Explained”

  1. Jasmine kittykat

    I've just got this TV today.When I 'm in the app section, I don't know which Icon to press to return to the television only mode ,either on the remote or the screen.How can I get back to standard television from inside the apps ? what do I press ?

  2. 樫野零

    Can someone help me about setting up LG TV to PC. whatever i do, the resolution is been stucked to 1366×768 and its so big and hard to look on the letters, if i change the resolution to highest, its getting more worst. the LG TV settings also is not helping, because its been stucked to 16:9 and i cant select the other resolution options. My TV is 28LB491B and it is connected by HDMI to my MSI 750ti video card. Thank you.

  3. discoveryman59

    These TV are useless for watching MPEG4 AVI or any format from a cloud as you get no fast forward or reverse, if you watch a program only halfway and want to continue later you have to watch the whole thing again from the beginning.

  4. mark

    i just got a lg 47lb731v and it seems really fuzzy and unclear is almost impossible to get the colouring right. preset setting are not that good and its hard to find people who have provided the setting they use for the best picture. any help? @LG UK 

  5. Dee Jay

    I have one of this and it doesn't even have a TV guide showing what currently playing . What's worst it has the worst and the wierdest mouse like remote with no number buttons. To go to one input like HTMI takes 4 steps instead of one.

  6. shysterrtube

    being that there are only 3 major broadband internet providers you'd thing they would think of explaining that part of connecting to internet. How do I connect to my tv to cablevision router wirelessly from another room? Im not getting a signal on the tv. Is it something I have to do to the tv or to the computer/router? or do I have to move them closer to each other. Come on where's the info?

  7. Thedreadzone

    The only thing smart about either LG or the Samsung TV's is how they manage to let you watch youtube video through the browser but when you want to watch demand tv on youtube through the browser you get cut off after the adverts. Smart tv my arse, they are shit and unless you want to watch a black and white movie from the 1950's you have to pay for everything, Don't buy a smart TV until they have fixed this issue.

  8. mkburnett62

    I got my lg smart tv in 2012. It would say out of memory so I bought a dungle. I installed it and again, it said out of memory. I want to know should I start shopping for an external hard drive or something. Because I would like to use my smart tv as a monitor. It's no good if I can't have a monitor!!!

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