LG Smart TV Content Store Not Available Solved In 1 Minute

LG Content Store Not Available. There is no page to load Solved In 1 Minute. LG service is temporarily unavailable is also solved. This error occurs when the default automatic DNS server fails to work.

The solution to this problem is using Googles Public DNS serves. Watch how I do it at minute 01.57

LG TV Netflix Not Available Solved

Press Menu/settings
Go to Advanced settings
Scroll Down to Network
Choose your Network type from either Wired or WiFi
And click on Edit. For WiFi Users go to Advanced Settings and then Edit
Change DNS to
This is the public Google DNS


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27 Replies to “LG Smart TV Content Store Not Available Solved In 1 Minute”

  1. chizoba okafor

    I have a big problem.. I bought my TV 55" lg from China.. I can't change set the region for broadcast and special services… After clicking it nothing is show… The model is LG webOS TV LG61CH… Help

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