LG Smart TV – Connecting with ARC or an Optical Audio Cable

These days, Smart TVs are the hub of your home entertainment universe. Where you used to send audio and video from a component like a Blu-ray player into the TV, you now need to send the audio from streaming movies and videos out of the TV to your home theater system …for a truly impressive sound experience. Watch for more details.

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  1. John Wiedemann

    I AM NOT HAPPY. ARC worked with my Marantz receiver for a few moments. When the receiver is the only HDMI connection plugged into the TV (OLED65C8) ARC works. When I plug in my TIVO and Apple TV units into the LG TV, ARC stops working. I unplug the other devices and it starts working again. As my Marantz is not 4K, I don't want to use it to manage my video devices. I will try to get some resolution with LG and provide an update if resolved. Wish me luck!

  2. Ange Alexiel

    i've got the LG C6 display hooked up to an LG SH7 soundbar, the lack of HDMI output made me go for the optical solution, worked fine if i selected the option on this video ( menu not the same more updated ) and with simplink on my soundbar was turned on and off each time the TV was. since quite some time and a few updates to the TV. this doesnt work , the kinda of siplink connection like with an HDMI ARC cable… i've tried 10 times to reconfigure… and still doesn't change a thing. if someone knows where i should look at. thanks for your help in advance.

  3. PhoeniX-J-five

    I'm using my ps4 optical outto my dolby system which is normally fine, but with 3d films on my lg there is picture lag (behind the audio coming out of the ps4)
    If I use the optical from the TV, the sound syncs, but it isn't going through as dolby surround. Any way to fix this?

  4. tushar dani

    I am not able to connect my LG UK 75 model with HDMI ARC to my Yamaha HDMI. Yamaha has 4 HDMI ports but still the sound doesn't come out . Tested with 2 new HDMI cords . Can anybody help .

  5. P. Wingert

    I would like a way to lock my sound plate into optical mode. My laptop keeps sending an enquiry packet when it comes out of sleep mode for about 30 seconds and pulls my sound plate into bluetooth sync mode but they never sync since my laptop is already connected to a set of speakers via bluetooth. My only way to fix it is to turn it off for 30 seconds to wait out the enquiry from my laptop and then back on and put it into optical mode manually. Frustrating. This is with My LG TV set to sound sync.

  6. SMSuperstrat

    My television supports ARC and can be synced the the ARC sound device. Problem is I got a new sound device and I can’t figure out how to remove the old device and sync to the new device. It connects but doesn’t turn it on and off😡

  7. busker991

    Shame that if you select anything other than pcm (stereo) for sound to your home theatre, the sync is out using both optical or HDMI ARC. The AV sync option in the tv settings only seems to adjust the internal tv speakers. I've tried everything to get it in sync to no avail.

  8. Dan Seabreeze

    And of course if you are a minimalist and prefer to use your PC audio output directly to your TV speakers as you used to be able to through the headphone jack you can't do that anymore thank you LG and other TV manufacturers. Gotta sell those ugly sound bars!

  9. Dugi Devet

    Is optical out have volume control with the remote of TV?
    For example i want connect my M-audio sound interface with optical In where are connected my Studio Monitors.
    So will i be able to control the volume with TV remote or the signal is always sending full power volume on optical output and i need to control volume on connected interface?

  10. bblackberi

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! You made this sooo easy. I have not watched a movie on DVD in my bedroom for over a year. My daughter bought me an the Apple TV so I could get other channels that I didn’t have. I tried to connect my speakers and messed everything up. Finally I took the time to check YouTube videos and there you were. I followed your instructions and within less than five minutes, my connection was made. I tested a new DVD moviie and Eureka!! Thank you again!

  11. 5amsunspor

    I have a problem, I have connected my tv to external surround sound and everything works except there is no sound when watching 9hd and 10hd channels. When switch the sound from external to tv speakers then audio on 9dh & 10hd works. Anny ideas ????

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