LG Smart TV – Connecting to the Internet

One of the first things to do with your LG Smart TV is to get it connected. The easiest way to do that is to hit the HOME button on your remote. Watch here to get more details on how to connect your new LG TV to the internet.

21 Replies to “LG Smart TV – Connecting to the Internet”

  1. Melcome Pay

    WHY ,oh why do they have to be so bloody Complicated? We should be blessed to just buy the TV , quick ,simple set up with NO need for a router. Switch on , and operate via the remote/r smart phone! " SIMPLES…but oh no, instead , we have to faff about for hours. NO thank you!

  2. TwentyEightySeven

    I have owned my LG TV for 5 years and it has never been able to connect to the internet. It is wired only using an ethernet cable and never manages to be configured properly. I have tried all different settings on the router and on the TV and it has never worked, eventually I gave up.

  3. Jensen

    what about flash player, your LG tv can't play videos on browser without flash player, one can install flash player on Samsung smart tv but not on LG unSmart tv. Most of the apps on LGworld are just craps, not working or outdated. There is no IPTV app on LG Market.

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