LG Smart TV – Connecting to a home theater system or sound bar using an optical audio cable

These days, with internet-ready Smart TV and built-in TV tuners, the television is a hub, the center of the home entertainment universe. But where you used to send audio and video from a source component like a Blu-ray player on a one way trip into the TV, now you need to send your TV’s audio out, to play on superior audio devices such as a sound bar, home theater system or receiver. Watch to get more details on connecting to a home theater system or sound bar using an optical audio cable.

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  1. Sukhpreet Arora

    I have parchase LG home theater but home theater digital lead is not working, I searched a lot but could not find anywhere like lg service center, any electrical shop, If you call on customer care, then only negative response is received from them.I request you to not buy LG product anytime.

  2. Rhonda W

    Before switching to "optical" in the LG sound setting, as long as the (Sound Out) is in Internal Speaker TV mode you can select "Sound Mode Settings" Standard User, this will allow the user to access the LG built in equalizer. Make sure that the LG equalizer is switched on, then go ahead to adjust the frequency levels while still using the internal TV speakers, would be a good idea to listen to some music while adjusting the LG equalizer. When finished return to the LG sound menu, select (Sound Out) select (Optical) enjoy your sound bar.

  3. decoy

    I recently got an LG TV and it only supports optical audio out; no 3.5mm jack, no banana pin for audio out. The problem is the TV doesn't ship with the optical audio cable, and even the LG dealer didn't have it as an accessory. Why can't LG ship their TVs with the optical audio cable?? Funny enough, even LG Home Theater systems don't have this optical cable. It beats me.

  4. Dugi Devet

    Is optical out have volume control with the remote of TV?
    For example i want connect my M-audio sound interface with optical In where are connected my Studio Monitors.
    So will i be able to control the volume with TV remote or the signal is always sending full power volume on optical output and i need to control volume on connected interface?

  5. VLKN !

    Fuck you new tvs and fuck your optical audio signal shit. Why you chance regular system? I can’t use headphone on my new tv. Fuck fuck fuck!!! And now i can’t give back. I never buy anymore LG. Fuck ur technology!!

  6. T Taylor

    To the guy so frustrated with LG's lack of instructions re: his headphones, I couldn't agree with you more. As another example, wouldn't it be somewhat logical in a tutorial about the optical cable & the mighty LG which is the awesome "hub" of all these devices, to explain how to make the receiver or sound system the "hub" instead? Why? Because LG somehow forgot to make my $5,000 LG TV capable of supporting Dolby Atmos? Oops! So the only way I can think of getting around this is by making the sound system (capable of supporting all immersive audio formats) the hub for everything else! Any videos happening for this topic??

  7. Tera Volt

    Your smart TVs are shit. I didn't buy one because I figured they'd be shit. One was given to me and it's a real piece of junk.
    I'm having trouble connecting my PC to this 42LB6500. I set the resolution to 1080 as the screen is and scaled it to fir properly. The picture is still rubbish, the pixels are displaying blurry and discoloured / washed out. The "smart" system was terrible as well.
    As others have said, fuck you LG.

  8. Terry

    Can you help me with setting up my LG BH9540TW Cinema System, I am trying to work it with Foxtel. When using normal tv i get sound through the speakers. Since connecting Fotel I am unable to use my LG BH9540TW Cinema System. Instead I can only hear the tv speakers?? Help

  9. keith king

    Thank you so much, after weeks of angry frustration because I couldn't get the systems to work I cam on here for guidance. Having decided to check the cables before I began was only then I realised that the optic cable had fallen out. Plugged it in and I was deafened by the previously silent surround sound system.

  10. Cole Glenwright

    Is there anyway to still let the TV remote control the output level? I'm running audio out to a pro audio set up that of course doesn't have a remote so it's very frustrating to not have audio control over my TV remote like I would with any other TV.

  11. César Calderón

    I got a problem with an NB4540 sound bar, despite the fact that some functions work fine(wireless and bluetooth) some such as optical cable and hdmi functions do not work, Is it possible that this sound bar is not compatible with an LG TV 42LA6200? or do I need a digital cable signal?

  12. Hector Beltran

    I have an LG LB5550 LED TV and a surround system with no Optical In .. I used a digital to analog audio converter .. Plugged the optical out from the LG to the audio converter.. And plugged RCA cables out of the audio converter into the surround.. It works perfectly on systems i have connected to the LG TV such as a Sony PS4 .. But once I switch it to regular air/antenna tv.. All I hear from the surround system is some kind of static noise.. Can you please help me with some info?? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

  13. doug sinnott

    My soundbar doesn't have an optical cable input,so I bought an analogue to digital converter,then plugged it in the digital output on my new LG "smart" TV,connected it to the converter,then plugged the red/white cables in my soundbar,changed the sound output on the TV,but it doesn't work!
    Some videos on Utube recommend using the headphone jack on the TV to connect up the red and white leads to the soundbar,anyone tried this before I buy more cables?

  14. Gordon Mills

    Why is it that none of these YouTube video's mention the fact that new optical cable is sold with a protective plastic cap on each end of the cable that must be removed before plugging it in and anyone not familiar with optical cable could try to use the cable with the ends on and wonder why it doesn't work. The ends are very small and may go unnoticed during installation.  Just a thought. 

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