LG SJ8500 LED 4K TV – Hands On Review


We’re reviewing the LG SJ8500 4K LED TV, the entry TV into LG’s super UHD lineup. It supports multiple types of HDR, a wide color gamut, with a strikingly different design than LG’s other 4K TVs.

Looking at the front of the TV, all you can see is a black screen. There is a barely visible black bezel all around the edges, but it blends in well with the screen. This TV would look great mounted on the wall. For more information about wall-mounting a TV, check out this article.

The stand that the TV sits on is a chrome halo stand that is 31.5 inches wide. The stand runs 6.5 inches in front of the screen, which is important to consider when determining where the TV will be placed on or if you plan on buying a soundbar.

In the end, you do pay a little more for the LG SJ8500 UHD 4K TV, but we think the investment is worth it, with a TV that has that wide color gamut, brightness, and HDR.


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39 Replies to “LG SJ8500 LED 4K TV – Hands On Review”

  1. Nathaly Berko

    Can someone please tell me how many ''ms'' INPUT LAG the SJ8500/SJ850V has when you play at 120hz/1080p? I can't find it anywhere, even Rtings failed to test 120hz!? Is there someone that please can tell me? Thanks in advance!

  2. dominicanyor

    I just purchase the 65 sk8000 i don't think its a big difference from the sj8500. my wife thinks that when watching a program the tv seems a little dark. any suggestion on a expert picture settings?

  3. Tom Alba

    I really kind of wanted the LG TV even though I am a Samsung guy but I just can't get past the silver base and possible silver edges. It can't be just me… I don't want to be staring at something bright while I'm looking at the screen does no one else notice this how does LG not have an all black bottom on all their TVs???

  4. 007NateNasty

    I got the x900e and I'm dissapointed with it, but it's past the return time and I just didn't want to deal with returns. It looks fine and all but not $1000 fine. Some older content has dots in the blacks that flicker and game mode can be washed out at times. I bought a 49 inch MU8000 and I knew I wanted bigger so I got a 55 x900e because the hype. I wish I did it sooner so I could have them side by side more, but side by side watching a show the sony looked better in clarity. However playing video games the Samsung was better but I didn't do enough comparison since I was on the last day to return the samsung. All in all they are both overpriced, but I'm kind of thinking the Samsung was better overall, but I'm not sure. I mean I'm happy with the Sony because it's big and it's better than my almost 10 year old tv, but the user interface is bad, sometimes the image has the flickering grain in it when my old TV didn't seem to, and the colors can be washed out. It does look good but not $1000 good.

  5. Timothy

    A lot has changed with this TV since this review. After a recent update from LG, there is a new "Technicolor expert" setting and it is stunning. (they say a Technicolor HDR setting is coming later this year) Make no mistake, this Tv doesn't offer the same black levels as the higher end Oleds. But you wont have to worry about burn in either. Ignore the fools who complain about black levels, yet don't even own the TV. For most people, the black levels are just fine. (turn off energy saving mode)The expanded color gamut is what really sets this model apart. Colors are incredibly vivid, much better than the mid range Oleds. Something worth noting : using a firestick will result in a significantly better streaming picture than using web os, as the sticks just offer much better picture processing. Firesticks are cheap too, so get one! Finally, you can buy this TV right now (02/06) in the 60" size for an incredible 799 shipped from Beach Camera on Ebay.(they don't have the best reputation, but I received mine with no problems at all) Happy viewing!

  6. 007NateNasty

    I picked up the Sony X900E and it does have great picture but it takes a lot of adjustment between formats. I can't quite get everything were I want it and I locked in my MU8000 much easier. But I had them side by side at my house and the sony seemed better.

  7. 007NateNasty

    For me I'm tossing back and forth between the Samsung MU8000 and this. I liked the Sony 900e a lot but it has bad input lag for gaming. I'm also upset Samsung's last year KS series that you can't buy anymore were better than the MU. They purposely dumbed down the TV so they could branch off their QLED TVs. Super not cool.

  8. Sachu Thorve

    Looking for LG tv to buy, but a bit confused LG49UJ632T, LG49UJ65T, OR LJ49UJ7700
    Requesting u to make detailed comparison video on these three model n help me yo make wise decision

  9. Mr. Ihab Issa

    UHD needs 3840 full pixels, but LG RGBW has only 3840*3/4 = 2880 full pixels. It is not UHD in any way. Common subpixels are acceptable only in camera matrixes, there 1 pixel eqals 1 subpixel, but pixel has only one from 3 colours in matrix 3 or 4 mozaic RGB or RGBG or sometimes RGBW. wouldn’t be an issue if the technology were advertised as 2.8K, or even—as the industry is wont to do—rounded up and pitched as a 3K. LG OLEDS include a white subpixel in each individual pixel, but in the LCD TVs, they use a white subpixel for every 4th subpixel in a row. So it doesnt have 4k detail but the correct amount of pixels to say its 3840×2160

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