LG ROLLABLE Tv is here! | 8k OLED too?!?

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**Everything SVS**
SVS Ultra towers

SVS Ultra Center

SVS Ultra Bookshelves

SVS Ultra Surrounds

SVS Prime Elevation speakers ….

||| SVS Subwoofers|||

SB-16 Ultra

SVS SB-4000 ….

SoundPath Isolation System. You will need a set of 4 for a SEALED subwoofer and a set of 6 for the PORTED models….

SVS PB-4000…

Sanus Speaker stands. These are great and people ask about them all the time. They are heavy duty and have cork insulators …

High quality subwoofer cable …

**Everything Amazon**
Epson 5040ub 4k projector….

Ruipro Fiber HDMI….

Denon AV receiver… 6300h or 4400h

Klipsch L+R speakers ….

Klipsch Center Channel …. Rp-450c rc-64ii

Klipsch Surrounds ….

Klipsch Dolby ATMOS speakers ….

Outlaw audio bulletproof amplification ….

4k blu ray player …

|||| Accessories ||||

Auralex mopad XL …

Speaker wire.. 2 conductor

Banana plugs..

Recording equipment
Zoom H1N…

***Credits for music go to ***

Rock Angel by Joakim Karud Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library

13 Replies to “LG ROLLABLE Tv is here! | 8k OLED too?!?”

  1. smajourney51

    Your coolest video to date. Awesome job. Now convince Laura to cover the ceiling in your house in OLED screens. BTW – Don't tell her it's my idea, she'll kill me during our workouts, lol….

  2. poserwannabe

    As a business owner and AV installer I have to ask myself how many times have customers asked me for something like this ? Never.. how many times have they asked for a curved panel, never… So I wonder is this something we need ??

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