LG Q60: Product Video

With exceptional performance and price, #LGQ60 redefines the concept of premium smartphones. You don’t have to settle for less any more.
*Release date, specs, and back cover logo of the LG Q60 may vary according to the country.

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29 Replies to “LG Q60: Product Video”

  1. Mastan vali Shaik

    LG should have released the Q70 in india by this festive season. But it has released Q60 which is far behind its competition and the phone is not yet available in any online store. Come on LG don't be LAZY.

  2. Serkan Ayyıldız

    Birkaç ay sonra anakart arızası vermeye başlar önce G3 g4 G5 v10 geri alsınlar bize yerine telefon versinler hepsi telefonların çöp oldu bizdeki Bozukları alsınlar yerine bu yeni telefonu versinler Bunu da birkaç ay kullanırız sonra çöpe atarız.

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