LG Q Stylo+ /LG Q Stylus Review – A smartphone with a Stylus!

The review of the LG Q Stylo Plus Smartphone.
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In this video I take a look at one of the latest LG phones called the Q Stylo+. The one that I have is the Canadian model and this phone is also known as the LG Q stylus in different markets.

The phone is running Android 8.1 and is powered by the Snapdragon 450 that’s paired with 3GB RAM.

Throughout this video you can check out everything from performance to battery life to sample pictures.

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32 Replies to “LG Q Stylo+ /LG Q Stylus Review – A smartphone with a Stylus!”

  1. jacko can

    With Jbl clip 3. Pairing no problem. But sound disturbing. Tried also with other Bluetooth speakers no issues. The problem is only with jbl clip 3. Jbl go 2. Help please. Thanks

  2. Its Me

    I am noticing automatic brightness change from one app to another even when auto brightness is switched off. How to solve it? Mine is lg q stylus (indian variant)

  3. Linda Beaudoin

    I wanted a phone with multi view where you can record both sides at the same time LG5 has this feature now I have option to samsung galaxy 8 or lg stylus I just want the multi view feature maybe there is an app for multi view

  4. Dr Voodoo God

    !!!!! MUST READ !!!!! NEVER buy an LG phone. Every LG phone I have had broke or had a fault which rendered it useless. I now know not to buy LG phones as at some point it WILL fail. Bootloop problems, moisture in charge port which pings every 2 seconds until it annoys you enough you simply switch it off. And the constant beeping drains battery even though charge port is bone dry. Also plastic SIM trays which break and destroy SIM reader pins. These are just the problems I have had. Yes I've bought 3 LG phones (derp!). My latest Phone, LG G6 was only made in 2017 ( still under warranty ) but when I called LG they said I had purchased a Taiwanese model and there was nothing they could do to help me as LG UK was not responsible for the phone and in no way did they seem like they wanted to help. All they suggested was I contact LG taiwan. YES LG TAIWAN. So I did to find out all there sites,numbers etc were in Taiwanese, I persisted. Google translate etc. Managed to send an email to head office of LG taiwan. I received an email nearly a week later in broken English (which was expected) and not really a problem but the response was. " Sorry we LG taiwan you need UK LG we not able to help" when I rang LG UK and spoke to the same person a few times explaining what had happened. They refused to help insisting there was nothing they could do and it was not there problem and I needed a different department yet they couldn't even give me details or numbers of who i had to contact. but i could PAY to have it fixed by them if I chose to? I purchased the LG G6 h870ds because it has 64gb memory over the 32gb model, dual SIM and hifi DAC, so i thought it was the best option. Also it was advertised and reviewed on YouTube in English and not expecting any problems I suppose at the back of my mind I believed it was supported in UK and other English speaking countries as you would expect. If it was reviewed and advertised in English surely it should be supported over here? To top that they wouldn't take responsibility for any of the issues even though the phone was under warrenty. This is my latest phone the LG G6 that had the SIM tray problem, plastic SIM tray broke off inside the phone as it snagged on a pin and bent all pins. Easily avoidable by using metal SIM trays as the other topics flagship phones do instead of (cheaper) plastic trays. As well as constant moisture in charger port warnings. My LG G4 had bootloop problems and wouldn't turn on. And my G Flex 2 simply died. I think one of the chips fried because the amoled screen was to hot. In any case all my information photos videos music etc, was lost forever. toddler pictures of my happy little lad lost and only existing now in my memory. (thats a bitter pill to swallow). If you buy an apple phone apple fix it. Samsung are the same and I guess most phone manufacturers are. NOT LG… Plus if you YouTube LG phone faults. The list of videos showing absurd faults and devoted, committed LG phone owners showing complicated and bizarre repair methods an tutorials is unreal. LG should be ashamed. Phones in freezers, people taking batteries apart, All sorts of desperate attempts to try and recover vids and photos, MADNESS!!! So ultimately don't buy LG smartphones. There riddled with faults and obscure issues. I believe there intent is to compete with the likes of apple and Samsung and think they deserve there cut of the market. And don't get me wrong when they work there good little phones usually not compromising of features and specifications. BUT THAT'S WHEN THEY WORK. in my experience that's usually 2-3 months. I didn't want to have the same phone everybody else had and the LG phones I had all boasted awesome camera features. Sick to death of spending loads of money on a lemon. What's worse I like the look of the LG V40. yet I'd never trust spending hard earned money on an LG phone again. I have an LG soundbar with sub which is mind blowing and an LG TV. Both are amazing but as for there phones they need to iron out the rookie mistakes. I now know to buy the same phone as everyone else…. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED…!!!

  5. san fiat

    can i open a word or pdf document and use my stylus to put my signature on that documen and forward it through mail. right now, i take the document, print it, then sign it, then scan it and then tranfer it to.my phone.

  6. fine day

    I bought this for 100$ in flipkart.. Call quality is crystal clear and ui is very nice Others, laggy, heating, battery is moderate its good device for old peoples and who are all using keypad phone, it maybe a better upgrade.

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