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  1. Luis Perez

    Hi! I have to replace the YSUS EBR63039802 board. Besides the two connections are they any other connections that I need to make? If so, do you have any video that would help me how to install that board?

  2. 54N7U4R10 54U

    I have the same tv.. but it stop working 🙁 when I plug it in all I hear is a clicking sound. Also when I push power button on remote all I hear is a clicking sound , any help of what could be it?

  3. 723 lperal

    I believe I have the same TV the problem with mine it won't turn on I see the red light at the bottom right corner I hit the power button and the TV just clicks would that be the motherboard that you're talking about getting replaced

  4. Merlene Timlick

    Hello…50 PJ350-UB lost picture screen ghostly snow on right and is same except snow dark gray…Then shuts itself down.Start up same routine..??? T com board ? Main logic board…? Power supply board…? Small community 1 repair shop wants 150.00 – 200.00 to diagnoses ..75.00 service call on top. I have a good amt of electrical back ground, respect for Lady Elec…Thank you…Pastor T.


    if i unplug the board in your video from the main power supply that you replaced and plug the power supply in, the tv turns on but when i connect the board back to the main power supply the tv shuts off. im guessing its the board you replaced in the video as well. Any suggestions?

  6. DJ RezaRect

    Thank you for your informative videos. I am an Electronics Beginner and have a KORG full size electronic piano I am trying to fix. All I've done is open it up and looked at all of the capacitors but all of them seem to be good so far. 

  7. Tanks in Space

    Thanks 4 your videos, as a beginner i love the info
    i have a similar problem with my samsung T200hd LCD monitor TFT that suddenly stopped working…. There's also no sign of live at all…  I also replace the main board & powerboard but that didn't help.
    Any idea where to look ?
    Could it be a broken backlight or convertor board ?

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