LG OM7560 XBoom 1000W Speaker Review

LG #XBoom #OM7560 #Review, a 1000 watts Party #Speaker with Hi-Fi entertainment #system with Karaoke functionality. #LG Company has stopped #OM7550D manufacturing process and replaced with #OM7560.

Flipkart-Buy LG XBoom OM7560 @ 26,999:
Amazon-Buy LG XBoom OM7560 @ 29,990:

Specs of LG X Boom OM 7560
▶ Amplifier: Power Output Front 300W x 2 Subwoofer 400 | CD, 1 AUX, 1 Tuner, 2 USB, Bluetooth, and Portable-In.
▶ Power: Power Requirement 200/240V 50/60Hz | Power Consumption 270
▶ 1000 Watts
▶ Party Thruster
▶ Karaoke Creator
▶ Auto DJ
▶ Dance Lighting
▶ TV Sound Sync

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24 Replies to “LG OM7560 XBoom 1000W Speaker Review”

  1. Rohit mane

    Brothers I don't no about this guy how he say both are good. But I have 7550 and my brother have 7560. We have put both side by side and tested all the effects and found bass is more powerful of 7550 than 7560. If u are treble lover and want some additional feature u can go for 7560. But if u want more power volume and more bass then go with 7550. According to me any time any where 7550 is best of best

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