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  1. Stephen Carton

    Well I bought a c7 in July 2017 and it's basically not fit for purpose. Burn in coupled with the centre of the screen starting to turn green and gradually spreading out from the centre. An example would be all yellows are turning green. Don't think lg have mastered this OLED tech yet. After my experience I researched it, and a quick Google showed that it is happening a lot. Especially with TV's hitting the 2 year age mark. I spent nearly €2000 for a TV not fit for purpose. I don't know weather to approach the retailer or LG themselves. I think it's absolutely disgraceful that such a "high quality" product should already start to fail. If anyone from LG wants to contact me feel free. In this modern day of social media, I can alert alot of people to the risks of oled technology in a very short time.

  2. Byron Flabbergast

    this is the most remarkable looking TV I have ever seen.  It's kind of irritating that standard LCD/LED has evolved to 4K resolution at half the price of a 1080p OLED.  I really hope that OLED will be the new standard like when LCD kicked plasma aside.  Just look at the Samsung OLED tablets and phones.  Or the Motorola Razr Droid.  The OLED displays stunningly smooth video even at high framerates

  3. Sian

    how muich input lag does this oled tv have? i want a tv with sick picture for gaming but i need low input lag for it.. i found a sony w955 but hopefully this has 16 ms too or maybe better 14 ms :p pls help guys and sorry for my bad english

  4. Aleksander Hoff

    Have this TV in our store.. its a thing of beauty, and the blacks are so intense it feels like being sucked in. I just wish it was 4K with around 84 inches, it would fit perfectly in the living room.. and then we just gotta talk to LG about that insanely high price though.. it is too damn high! (but of course.. new technology… it will sink fast I hope)

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